Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Currently and March Freebies!

I am SO hApPy that it's March!
I am SO not a winter person, and March means spring is just around the corner.
I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her March Currently.

My 3 year old is currently obsessed with Spider Man.  He LOVES to watch the movies over and over and over and over...    His clothing choices must include a Spider Man logo.  AND thanks to his sweet aunt, he has many Spider Man characters to play with.  

I do NOT like winter.  It's never been the season for me.  Don't get me wrong.. I love snow days and watching the pretty stuff fall while in the comfort of my own home.  I just don't like to be cold.  Luckily I live in an area in which the winter blasts aren't so bad and snowfall is limited.  So when March comes, I know that spring is just around the corner.  My boys are stir crazy, and ready to be able to run and play outside after school.   

Our state testing begins this week.  I've been working on planning some fun activities for my students to do between tests.  They work SO hard and really do try their best. 

I must be in a winter slump  with this little ole' blog.  I am in need of some inspiration.  Anyone else go through those slumps of no creativity??  I'm hoping that after this testing week is over and we can get back to our normal school routine, that the "inspiration" will begin.

Since my name begins with a "K", I chose three words for like, love, hate that begin with a "K".

I like Kit-Kats.   I haven't had one in two months since I began my fitness plan, but they are my chocolate of choice.  

I LOVE my 4 kiddos.  They are our pride and joy!  AND they are growing up so fast.  

I hate kleenex.  I need to explain this one a bit.   I put this because currently my family has been having colds and allergy issues with this CrAzY weather we have been having.  So kleenex is just an awful reminder of this nasty stuff.   We have gone through boxes and boxes of kleenex this winter, and so has my little ole' classroom.

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I also wanted to share with you a couple of March freebies I had created last year. Just click on the preview pictures below to be taken to this free download.

1.  Lucky Puppy Craftivity
2. March Making Words Activity

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Katie said...

I could definitely use a mani/pedi as well!!! Especially since spring is just around the corner! :)

Smiles from 2nd Grade

Corinna said...

I feel the same way about cold weather! That's why I left Colorado and ended up in Hawaii:). I am feeling the same way about my blog! I Feel like I don't have anything super exciting right now. Hopefully I will be rejuvenated after Spring Break!


Little Miss Primary said...

Krista--your blog is too cute!! I found you through Farley's Currently, and am so glad that I did! :) Good luck with all of the testing this week!!

Little Miss Primary

Laura said...

Hey lovely lady!! You are sooo creative and have made so many amazing products over time, that you deserve a break ;) I don't know how you do it!! It's all amazing! It's so amazing that I dedicated most of my latest blog post to you... hope you can check it out XOXO

Laura :)
Laura Love to Teach

Laura said...

Hey Krista! You know you are my girl and whatever you need, I will give to you... so even though you weren't picked in my giveaway, I still want to send the weather unit over to you XOXO I just can't find your e-mail on your blog for some reason lol so can you give it to me or send me an e-mail? Thanks!!

Laura Love to Teach