Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maps and Globes... Continents and Oceans... Oh my!

I could spend hours researching a topic to find resources to use with
my darling little 3rd graders.   I don't
have the time to be able to create my own units for everything I teach.
Thanks to all of you for the fabulous resources that are out there!
Do you ever find so many great resources that you have a hard time
figuring out which ones to leave out?!  I do.
Pinterest and the amazing teacher blogs have totally changed how I teach.

I was able to put together a unit on Maps and Globes in about 30 minutes using all of these fabulous free resources I found off of the internet.  In 3rd grade our students are expected to know basic map skills along with labeling the 7 continents and 4 oceans on a map.  It's a relatively
quick unit lasting only about 6-7 days.  Here are some fabulous resources I am using with my students to teach this unit.

1. Brain Pop Videos to introduce the unit.  I found one on maps and another on continents and oceans.  Click the picture below to take a peek at these videos.
2. We have the ActivInspire program that goes with our Promethean boards.  I was able to find a couple of really great flipcharts to use with this unit from Promethean Planet.   There were so many to choose from ,and they were free.   
3.  When it comes to labeling where the continents and oceans go on a map... practice makes perfect.  I found a couple of great online games to use with my students to practice labeling a map. has an interactive map for students to practice with.  Click on the picture below to be taken to this online site.
Sheppard Software also had a great online site to use with labeling continents and oceans on  a map.  Click on the picture below to be taken to this online game.
4.  There are tons of resources on TPT.  I can't wait to use this unit below with my 3rd graders.

This is from C and C Teach First. Click on the picture above to be taken to the free download from TPT.

I also found this unit from TPT.
This was created by Kim Frano.  Click on the picture above to be taken to the free download from TPT.

5.   I use Superteacher worksheets when I'm in a pinch.  They have a lot of fabulous resources and worksheets that you can access if you are a member.  The membership is $19.95 for one year.  It's been well worth it for me.  There are even flip charts and smart board resources that can be accessed as well.  

I found several worksheets and activities on map skills that I am going to use with my students.  I also found a great flipchart on MAPS that goes over the vocabulary that I want my students to learn.

6.  Lastly,  no unit is complete without  some great picture books. Here are a few.
Take a look at the YouTube video for the book above:

I found a video on YouTube for the book above.

If you teach map skills or continents and oceans, I would love your suggestions on more activities and books or other resources that I could use with my 3rd graders.  I would love to hear  IPAD app suggestions on this topic as well. 

Thanks so much for visiting!  I appreciate all of your comments.


April Walker said...

Thanks for the great ideas. Here is a blog post I did this summer: There is a book called "As the Crow Flies" and "Which way to the Revolution" which might also be good for map skills.

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