Sunday, March 10, 2013

Five For Friday

It's Five for Friday!!
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1.  Donor's Choose
 I  joined Donor's Choose last Fall.  I had heard so many wonderful things about it and wanted to give it a try.  I posted about two projects that my classroom was in need of:   Time and Scholastic magazine subscriptions for my class, and a carpet of the United States from Lakeshore Learning.  My first project was funded before Christmas, and my students have been loving the Scholastic and Time magazines.   I just found out this past week that my other project was funded by a generous donor from New York.  I am so appreciative of  this organization.  
This is a picture of our classroom carpet that is on its way!
2. State Testing is finished!!!
My 3rd graders took their Illinois State Assessment Tests this past week.   We are all so excited that they are finished!   I was worn out from the stress of the week, and I didn't even have to take those stinking tests!

3.  Telling Time Mega Pack aligned to the Common Core

Finally I was able to finish my telling time unit!  It only took me about 3 weeks.  We begin our unit on telling time on Monday.  I have a few students that still trouble with telling time to the five minutes.  In 3rd grade our math unit begins with telling time to the minute.  I didn't think my whole class was ready to dive right into that yet, so we will be reviewing to the 5 minutes first.  This unit includes 5 different task card activities that are aligned to the Common Core.  I plan to use these in my math workshop rotations and some as whole group to reinforce and practice the skill.   You can find more about this unit by clicking HERE or clicking on the pics above.

4. A NEW favorite website for low carb recipes.
Linda's Low Carb Menus and Recipes.. Click Here to check it out.
I've been working hard on losing weight since the start of the year.  So far I have lost 17 lbs and 14 inches!  I feel so good.  I recently found Linda's low carb website.   I fixed a few of her recipes for my family this past week.  So far my favorites are Swiss mushroom and chicken and turkey burgers.

5. Spring Break is only two weeks away for us!  Hooray!!!

Have a fabulous week!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Heather said...

Way to go on the weight loss, that is awesome!! I am headed over now to check out your telling time unit. We are headed in that direction :)
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