Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Math Workshop Ideas and Implementation- FREEBIES

So... is everyone beginning to gear up for "Back to School" time?
I've had a chance to get into my classroom a little this week.
So far ALL of my boxes are unpacked.  
Now I'm ready to spruce  up the different areas of my classroom, and work on those bulletin board displays.
My Math Workshop Rotation area was first on my list.
Here's  a picture of the finished product.
I had created a chalkboard themed Math Center rotation to use in my classroom.  It was a Facebook Fan Freebie a couple of weeks ago.  You can download it from Google Docs for a limited time by clicking the picture below.

The wire shelving that you see in the picture is where I plan to keep the weekly math center supplies and storage caddies.  This should make it easy for my students to access and put things away.
I also created labels for this wire shelving that matches the Math Center Rotation Board.
You can download these for free from my TPT store by clicking on the picture below.
How I implemented math workshop in my 3rd grade classroom:

1.  I put students into 4 groups.  I tried to group students according to their different math levels and ability.  I used the STAR math test that our students must take 3 times a year to help me with grouping students.  There were times throughout the year that I would move students around to have math groups with mixed levels and abilities.  This worked well when we were reviewing for a big test or participating in some holiday types of math workshop activities.  

2.  I used math workshop 2 times a week in my 3rd grade classroom.  I would love to use it more, but I felt like I needed to use my math block for more teacher directed practice, and then independent and group practice of the same concept.  I just didn't feel like my 3rd graders were ready to use math workshop everyday.  

At the beginning of last year, I did use math workshop each day.  Students would go to 1 of the stations for about 15 minutes.  Then they would go to the next station the following day.  I didn't like the flow of this with my 3rd graders and instead implemented a 40 minute math workshop block 2 times  a week.  Generally, I used 2 days in which I had an hour and 10 minutes for math.  I spent the first 30 minutes on direct math instruction with  my kiddos, and then the last 40 was with math workshop.  Each station was about 10 minutes.

  My Math workshop included:

M- Math Facts
This was such a TREMENDOUS help for my students.  
We don't always have time to practice math facts, and this part of the workshop was fabulous for my kiddos.

Some of the items I used with this aspect of the workshop was:
1. computer games on math facts
2. IPAD games on math facts
3.  Games that use a deck of cards to practice math facts.
Scholastic has 7 games that are great for math fact practice with using a deck of cards.  Click HERE to check it out.
Hip Hip Hooray Magazine Math also has some amazing ideas for practicing math facts and includes lots of free printable kits for addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  You can click HERE to check this out.

A- At Your Seat
This part of the workshop varied depending on the needs of each group.
There were times that this may be a worksheet that practiced a skill we were working on that day in class.
There were times, that I used the math bump games that I found on TPT.  Sunny Days has some fabulous,FREE seasonal BUMP games in her TPT store
I've also used Math Boggle in this area also. It was called " Math It UP"

It works the same as Boggle but with numbers.  This was great because students might have to add 3 columns of even numbers, or add 2 digit numbers, subtract, and etc.  I found a FREE Math It UP  from Madison's TPT store.  Click Here to access this free game.
I also used math task cards in this area.

T- Teacher Time
This was my FAVORITE part of math workshop.  This was my opportunity to work with each group on concepts they may be having trouble with or just extra practice.  I used this time when working with my students who were functioning at a high level in 3rd grade math to challenge them.  They loved this challenge.

H-Hands On
This part of the workshop was where I had many math games or math activities that used manipulatives.  I even tried to use some different math activities that incorporated food in this part of the workshop.

Click HERE for a FREE Skittle's Math activity from Sabrina LaBlond.
Click HERE to access the free math and writing Skittle's activity from Cindy Conley.

4. Storage of Math Workshop Items

I quickly found out last year that I needed an organized way to keep all of my materials for math workshop.  I began purchasing storage containers and labeling them according to the math concept we were working on.  

5.  I also created several math workshop units that are aligned to the Common Core to use in my math workshop rotation.  I've listed them below.  If you would like to find out more information about each one, just click on the picture.  I'm having a FLASH SALE on them through Friday, July 12.  You can get them for 30% off.

I created a Pinterest board that is all about Math Workshop Ideas and Resources.  I plan to continue to add more things as I come across them.  You can check it out by clicking HERE.

If you use Math Workshop in your classroom, I would love to hear about how you implement it and some of your favorite activities to use in the workshop.

Have a great week everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lisa Bee (Grade 4 Buzz) said...

Krista, I am very interested in implementing Math Workshop in my grade 3/4 class. I think I will also aim for two days a week and use the other three days for problem solving and instruction. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be using your ideas!
Grade 4 Buzz

Erika said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas and the freebie! I'm going to try and do a better job of math workshop this coming year.

Emily said...

I'm planning to implement Daily 5 math this new year. Love your shelf set up.

Carole Childers said...

Krista, I was searching for math workshop and your blog came up. How crazy is that? My school is going completely to common core this year. NO CURRICULUM to follow. I am thinking of using a workshop approach. What do you think?

Jennifer Oakley said...

I found your blog through Bloglovin. And just in time! :). I love your idea if using MATH for the rotations. Thank you for the freebie. I currently flip my math time and am looking for a way to implement Math Worshop. I love your idea! With flipping my whole group instruction, I could do Math Workshop 4-5 days a week. I can't wait!