Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's all about CHOCOLATE... teaching ideas to use with The Chocolate Touch including a couple of FREEBIES

Okay Friends, this post is near and dear to my heart.   I had so much fun planning and organizing it.
It's all about my beloved snack, CHOCOLATE.
I love using food in the classroom.  Nothing sparks the attention of a classroom full of elementary school children, like FOOD.  
So.... let's add food to E.L.A.
 The Chocolate Touch is the perfect novel for doing just that.  This book is rich with vocabulary and a story that almost all students can make connections with.  I LOVE to incorporate themed ELA units with holidays.   The Chocolate Touch is one novel that I will be using around Valentine's Day.

Check out these fun ideas I found for The Chocolate Touch:

1.  Introduce students to The Chocolate Touch, by setting up a hot chocolate bar in your classroom before passing out the books. It's a little over the top, but would be something your students wouldn't forget and would peak their interest with this book.  ( I've used hot chocolate before in the classroom, and in order to have the warm water, I have brought in a couple of large crock pots from home and filled with gallons of distilled water and began heating first thing in the morning.)
Here's a picture with link to a hot chocolate bar that I found from The Taylor House.

2.  Create Hershey Kiss Mobiles with a summary of the story written on the back.  I found this photo from Pinterest, but there was no link back to a blog.  If this is yours, please let me know.  I want to give credit to whom this great idea comes from.

3. Writing Activities
A. Students create their own recipe using chocolate.  Students must  include an ingredient list and a list of steps using time order words on creating this chocolate masterpiece.  ( You can grab my Chocolate Masterpiece Recipe form below for free from Google Docs by clicking HERE or on the photo below.)

B.  Classroom Chocolate Recipe Book- Assign students to ask their parents or look for their favorite recipe that includes chocolate.  Students are to bring in these recipes.  These recipes will be compiled into a classroom chocolate recipe book.  ( Wouldn't this be a fun Valentine's gift for students to take home to their parents?)  If you would like a cover for the recipe book, you can download the editable cover and table of contents below through Google Docs by clicking HERE or on the photo below.

I also created a 79 page comprehensive literacy unit that I can use in the classroom.  It is also includes a Common Core Standards alignment page.  Simply click on any of  the photos below or the link to find out more:

This unit includes a 29 page student literacy workbook.  This workbook includes comprehension questions over each chapter, vocabulary words, a vocabulary quiz after every 3rd chapter, and grammar activities after every 3rd chapter.

This unit also includes 15 pages of vocabulary activities.  I like to use these activities during literacy stations, but can also be used as a whole group.

I also created 2 "Close Reading" passages with an activity page for each passage.

With Common Core, I always like to have a research project for my students to complete.  I created a "Where Does Chocolate Come from?" research project for my students.  It includes a research guide and rubric.  I think they will love learning about the Cacao tree and the process of making chocolate.

Finally, I LOVE lap books to review story elements.  I create 10 fold-its that can be made into a lap book shown below, or placed in reader's notebooks.   We are using reader's notebooks this year, so I haven't decided if my students will create a lap book or use these fold-its in their reader's notebooks.

I can't wait to use these ideas with my students!  I know they will love it, and keeps things creative and fun during the longest part of the winter.

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JWtchr said...

Wow! This looks like a fantastic and fun unit! I'm a chocoholic, too, and will enjoy using this with my kiddos. I'm so glad you posted this :o)

Suzy Q said...

I love reading this story aloud, too. It is so wholesome/quaint it is amazing. (The first year I worried my students might find it way!) You have lots of great activities in your packet.

Sara Kovach said...

What wonderful ideas. I started using Chocolate Touch last year. My kiddos loved it. You have given me some great ideas; and I am picking up your unit!!!