Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adjectives, Adverbs, and Articles Oh my!

Hi Dear Friends!
My students have been practicing for their big state assessment next week.
I've been trying to make it engaging and fun as I can.
I don't think I'm being very successful.
We will all be so happy when this assessment is over next week.  
For those of you taking the Illinois assessments next week, "Best of Luck" to your students.

Amidst all of this assessment preparation, we've been working on adjectives during our ELA mini lessons.  Take a peek at what we've been up to.

1.  Listed below are some fabulous books to read with your students when introducing adjectives.

2.  Adjective Song
Hey Adjectives! by the Grammarheads
( Just click on the picture above to be taken to the YouTube link.)
3. Adjective Gallery Walk

For the adjective gallery walk, I put my students in groups of 4.  Each group was assigned a particular noun.  Their job was to come up with at least 8 adjectives that could be used to describe this noun.  Then each group had to write 8 sentences on chart paper using these adjectives.  When finished, I hung the posters around the room and the students walked around looking at the sentences and identifying the adjectives used.

4.  Adjective Task Cards
I LOVE task cards.  Many times I will post these around the classroom and use as a whole group activity.  My students enjoy the chance to get up out of their seat, and they love using the work mats to record their answers. 

These activities mentioned above and much more can be found in my Common Core Adjective and Adverb Mega Pack *Bundle*.  Click on the preview pics below to find out more.

I'm having a flash sale until 3 pm CDT February 27 on my March to the "Core" Morning Warm-ups. Click on the picture below to find out more. 
Have a great rest of the week!  I just had to leave you with this adorable pic.  We spent one of our snow days at the local indoor swimming pool.  My littlest guy just had to wear his swim goggles.


lcooney said...

Just bought the pig book. Thanks for sharing!. Love your blog.

Elizabeth said...

I love the gallery walk idea! I always mean to do that activity with some math "stuff" but always forget. Maybe seeing it here again will spark the memory to include it in my plans for next week. Your little guy is precious :)

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