Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shop 'til you drop......AND More

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to work we go!!!
I'll be sadly singing that song tomorrow morning. 
 How about the rest of you?
I hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend.  I ate way too much and was able to fit in some "lazy" time.  I LOVE " lazy time"!  It doesn't happen often around here. 

I even found time for some Christmas decorating!  My husband teases me because we are
always the first ones in our subdivision to have the tree up, lights on, and probably even the presents wrapped.  It's my favorite time of the year!

Do you have one of these at your house too?  Ours is named Timothy.
He's been turning up in the craziest places since he came to visit the day after Thanksgiving.
This is our family Christmas tree.  Please ignore the ornaments all bunched up, turned upside down, and etc.  My kiddos love to decorate the tree, and our two year old loves to "undecorate" it hourly.

AND I found some time to work.... (unfortunately it wasn't on my school work that needs to be done for tomorrow.  That's next on my list.)
1. Gingerbread to the "Core" Literacy and Writing Unit for Bigger Kids
2. December to the "Core" Math workshop and activities
3. Mighty Multiplication Task Cards ( I'm using these to review with my students before their multiplication assessment.)

4.  And December to the "Core" Morning Warm-Ups in Language and Math
I use these with my students in the morning as we are unpacking, checking planners and notes from parents.  It's a quick way to review some of the core standards in language and math.  Included is a Friday assessment.

Can't forget the shopping!! If you haven't heard ( which is only if you have been hiding under a rock for several days... lol)  TPT is having a HUGE sale tomorrow and Tuesday.  Everything in my store is 20% off and when you include the code from TPT, it's a total savings of 28%.  My shopping cart is full, and I keep adding more.

I'm linking up with Shuna for :

Take a peek at just a few of the items in my cart.
I have planned a research project for my students that goes with the unit above.

 I'm doing a huge informational text unit when my students come back from Christmas break.

Another unit in science that we will be working on after the holiday break.

Reading Response Journals by Christina Bainbridge

Don't forget to click on Shuna's link above to find out what's in everyone's shopping cart.

Okay.... it's time to stop my procrastinating and get the rest of my papers graded and lessons ready for tomorrow.
Have a fabulous Monday!!!

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Across the Hall said...

Tree is already up for you? Way to go! We are getting ours this week! Due to no kiddies in our house yet, we don't have an elf on the shelf BUT we have Roger in my 2nd grade classroom. He will be making his debut tomorrow! Have a great day back and get some good Cyber Monday deals!