Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Workin' The Word Wall....

Oh my goodness!
It's August 1st.... a day that always makes me panic.
I realize just how few days are left for me to prepare for my new crop of third graders.
While watching the Olympics last night, I worked on my word wall.
I had been putting it off ALL summer long.
( On a side note.... does anyone actually turn their head the other way when the announcements are made on the news about the Olympic results BEFORE the events are ever broadcast later that evening?  I try, but I just can't.  I have to find out... then I am able to watch the events a little more stress free because I already know what's going to happen.  I often do that with books too.  After reading only a few chapters, I often skip to the last chapter just to see how it ends before reading the rest.   Sigh!! )

I am embarrassed to admit that I actually took down my word wall last winter as I was doing some classroom redecorating.  The word wall was  plain. It was just a blue background in which words could be added to this background using velcro.  ( It was so BLAH and did not match my classroom colors.)  My new word wall will be located on the wall below my bulletin boards.  This is generally empty space, and a great new place for the word wall.

This " Working the Word Wall" is $1.50 in my TPT store.  Simply click on the picture below to find out more information.


Katie said...

Farley sent me over here :) yay!

My brother asked me yesterday (with a huge smile on his face) if I heard the results of women's gymnastics. He knows its my favorite! I tried SOOOO hard to resist.... but 10 minutes later I had to ask him. Then of course I got all sorts of curious and had to look up swimming results :/ I'm going to try to resist today!!

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Hooty said...

Thanks so much for the freebie! You saved me some time.

Hooty's Homeroom

Lynn said...

Thanks for the freebie! Printing it out now!

Angela said...

Thank you so much!!

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Janis Leach said...

Thanks for the freebie! I love it!

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Rhonda P. said...

Farley sent me! Glad she did! I'm looking forward to exploring your blog!

Ms. Jessica said...

So cute! I too have been putting off re-doing my word wall... I have the files saved right in the middle of my desktop to try to force me to do it, but I have no motivation. Seeing how cute yours came out is giving me some motivation though! I got sent here from Farley and I'm a new follower! I'm excited to see what else you come up with!

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Nikki Lutzke said...

Love your space! I'm now inspired to work on my own word wall! Farley sent me and I'm now a follower!

Would love to have you stop by and see me sometime!


Traci Bender said...

Farley sent me over! I am your newest follower!

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