Monday, July 30, 2012

Putting it all together...

Where has the summer gone?
I mean it just seemed like yesterday that I said goodbye to my group of
third graders for a LONG summer and now .... it's OVER.
I've been busy like the rest of you getting ready for a new school
year and getting my "craft"on.  
Here are the things I've been working on this week:

1. Boggle board

I wanted one of these BUT had no wall or bulletin board space for one so.... Voila!  I created a magnetic board.  It was so easy.  I purchased an oil pan from the local automotive store.  It was around $10.00.  Then I bought some cute tape to place around the edges.  I then downloaded and printed out some already made Boggle pieces from Mrs. Petite's Teaching Passion store that I found on TPT.  Click here to access this freebie. Finally I had to laminate and add magnets to the back of each letter.   I LOVE this Boggle board.  It can easily be moved around the classroom.

2.  Those FABULOUS seat crates. LOVE!
This has been on my teacher wish list all summer long.  I now have 5 of these fabulous seats for sitting and storage.  I enlisted the help of my Dad.  He does carpentry in his free time, and he just so happened to have some extra board that I could use.  So.... he quickly cut the size of the pieces I needed ( and even did the measuring for me).  I already had leftover fabric from my curtains and  red crates I was not using in my classroom.  The only thing I had to purchase was some bedding foam from Wal-mart.  It cost about $10.00.  I doubled the foam to make the seats a bit softer and still had enough foam to do 5 crates.  Woop!  Woop!  Ginger Snaps has a great tutorial for making these.  Click here if you are interested.

3. Confetti Poem for Back To School Night

I found this adorable poem floating around on Pinterest.  I copied it and have it placed on top of each of my student desks.  This will be perfect for our Back To School Night on August 13th.  I didn't purchase the cutesy confetti but purchased 5 bags of different colored filler at the Dollar Tree which serves as confetti.  I tried going with the theme of red, white, and blue for the Olympics.  Click here to download this poem.

4.  Dice containers
I wanted a way to keep the dice from rolling everywhere when my students were playing different games.  I found these small plastic containers at the Dollar Tree to keep the dice in.  My students can shake them up and then take a peek to see what numbers they have rolled.  I think there were 10 containers in each package at the Dollar Tree.  This project was too easy.  I just added the dice to each container.
5. Math baskets for manipulatives at each table.
I wanted a place to put math manipulatives or other material I might need for different subjects in a basket for each table.  I thought this would be great for organization.  I would have the baskets loaded with the supplies needed the night before, and simply have the table leader pick them up.  I purchased the baskets at the Dollar Tree and added the number labels from the Clutter Free Classroom.  I then used Mod Podge on the numbers.

Don't forget to link up with Tara for another Made It Monday!  I can't wait to check out more fabulous ideas!


forkin4th said...

Love how your crate seats turned out - really reminds me of all the cute ladybugs on your blog! Yay for Made It Monday's linkup party.
Your newest follower,
:) Antonia @ forkin4th

Mrs. G said...

Nice to meet you Krista! I also teach 3rd grade, LOVE Boggle, made dice containers last week, and have those same math bins (but I use mine for extra supplies). So glad Farley sent me your way!

Teach on a Limb

Randi said...

I bought those same containers for the same purpose! :)

Dallas said...

You will love those dice containers! I sure love mine. They are great. I think I need to go find one of those oil pans... I have a few projects I can think of that it'd be great for. You're projects are beautiful!

Angie said...

Those seat covers are amazing! I love read and black. I haven't been in a classroom since I had my first child 4 years ago, but work with her at home quite a bit. Sometimes I really miss teaching. Then I remember that I don't have to get up before dawn, and I forget all that! lol But maybe when she's 5 and goes to Kindergarten, I'll go back. :) I just followed...and I look forward to reading more!

Angie said...

sorry...meant to say "red" and black. lol

Meagan said...

I've seen so many crate seats, but yours are absolutely adorable!! So glad Farley has me hopping around!!

Yvonnee said...

I already follow your blog but I wanted to stop by and say hi via Farley.


Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

I love the idea you used for confetti. I have been doing the poem for several years and never could find confetti. So....I am particular about some stuff; I bought packs of the multi-color shiny blowers and sat and cut that up for the confetti. Took a bit, but I wanted it to be perfect. Not anymore though-I am going to buy this for my confetti! Glad Farley sent me over!

Lisa R. said...

Everything looks great!! Your crate seats came out terrific. I used the same polka dot fabric on mine too. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Lori said...

Love that Boggle board and those crate seats!
Conversations in Literacy

Erin Franklin said...

So are you as excited as I am about getting a shout out from Farley?!?! Whoo hoo! Love your blog, BTW!

First with Franklin

Mary said...

Love the baskets for the math manipulatives, I'm definitely going to use this in my room! I'm your newest follower, Farley sent me!

Teaching Special Kids