Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Made It Monday.....

Woohoo!  I put the finishing touches on my classroom
today.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it stays as
neat and organized when I get 24 little darlings in my classroom.
Okay... I'm a little behind on my Made It Monday but here it is.  I'm linking up with 
the amazing Tara at 4th Grade Frolics.
 If you haven't had a chance yet to check out this linky, click on the picture above.  There are so many fabulous ideas and projects.

Now to my Made It Monday project.... a line display chart for computer time.  We have Accelerated Reader at our school which means my students take MANY tests on the computer.  We only have 2 computers in the classroom.  So my kiddos have to learn to be VERY patient for computer time. In the past, I would have a large dry erase board in which my students would sign their name in order and then wait patiently to take their A.R. tests.  I found this was an easy system for me, but was not good for many of my students.  I would find them erasing, writing, erasing, rewriting, drawing pretty flowers and etc around their names when signing up as a way to use up their reading time.  Some students would erase names that were still waiting to take a test and so forth.  I needed a new system that would be easy to manage. 

So I came up with a new system using numbered clothespins.  I created the hanging display below.  Students are assigned a number at the beginning of the year so they know which clothespin is theirs.   When they need to take a test, they simply clip their clothespin onto the numbered chart.  When finished, each student places their clothespin back at the bottom of the chart.  I'm hoping this will be a much faster way for students to sign up.  Here's a peek at it below.

I had a difficult time getting a good close up shot of this display.
This is the top part of the display chart.

This is the very bottom of the display chart.  Notice the clothespins with the numbers that have been attached to them.

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Carrie said...

Love your blog design, so cute!
I think that's a great plan for AR tests. It seems they ALL are ALWAYS ready to test at the same time, doesn't it?
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