Sunday, August 5, 2012


Is anyone else soaking in their last Sunday night of relaxation
before the school rush begins next week?
Sunday evenings are always a little crazy at our house once school begins.
It's a mad dash to get everything completed that is school related since we put it on the back burner all weekend.

I LOVE looking at all of your amazing pictures of your completed classrooms. They look AH-Mazing.  I'm putting the finishing touches on my class this week and will be posting pictures soon.   Have you seen the new "do" of Reagan's classroom from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits?  It is so FABULOUS!  If you haven't taken a peek at her classroom, click on her link below to check it out.

I'm a little behind with the August Currently, but I couldn't wait to link up with Farley from Oh Boy Foruth Grade for her August edition.  Click on the picture below to link up.
AND here is my August Currently....

First, I noticed that many of you have mentioned that a laminator is one of your B2S must haves.  I purchased the Scotch Laminator a few weeks ago ,AND I LOVE it.  It was only $27 at Wal-mart.  We have a laminator at school that was out of film.  I was getting so impatient so I went out and bought one for myself.  I like it better than our large laminator at school ,and it's so much more convenient.
Another one of my B2S must haves is the life planner from Erin Condren.  I am a bit old fashioned in that I still like to write things down rather than enter them in one of my electronic gadgets.  I like to make lists and cross things off my list. I got the Erin Condren life planner for my birthday last month.  It's fabulous!
Finally, I purchased this smaller version of the Cricut last summer.  JoAnn's was having a huge sale, and this was at a low price.  I didn't really get into using it until this past spring, but now I couldn't do without it.  I LOVE the things I can cut out with the vinyl.  I have used it for home and in my classroom.

Don't forget to Link up with Farley..
For those of you starting back this week, "Best wishes on a fabulous first week of school."
Stay tuned for Made It Monday....


Audra Peters said...

I love my laminator! Mine came from harbor freight and isn't as fancy as the scotch one but it is AWESOME!

I use my mom's Cricut all the time for my classroom! Actually, I think I use it more than she does! I am a new follower! Glad I linked up with Farley and headed over here!

The Aud Classroom

Miss Nelson said...

I have the same planner. I also have a cricut but don't use it. I've always wanted to try vinyl. Where you do you purchase vinyl online or in stores? I've got to try it out.

Charell Milton said...

Hi Krista, I got your link from Farley's Currently Linky. Thanks for posting, I soooo want to get the Cricut and the laminator as well...I keep asking myself are these NEEDS or WANTS?!?!? (It can be so hard to decide!)

P.s. Do you mind telling me how to do the cute signature at the end of your posts...I've been trying to find out for forever!

Your newest follower,
Miss Milton's Memoirs

Erin Franklin said...

SO many bloggy friends have their own laminators- it makes me want one! I still use our school's- it's free. I got a Silhouette machine and I'm loving it!

the team said...

thanks for including us! also, be sure to check out our FB page and share with your teacher friends... we're giving away a teacher planner and a $50 gift card for the next 12 days... all you have to do is nominate a teacher or yourself!

Tammy Tweten said...

Hi! Found you through Farley's linky and noticed you, like many others, listed a laminator for your must haves. I bought one a while back at Costco thinking it was such a great deal that I'd use it at home. It think it only cost around $30. However, it's a year later and I haven't even used it once. I have access to a school laminator and it's free. That's one of few perks we get :) I think I might take it to my classroom this year and use it for convenience on little things and see if it's useful. I'm a newbie blogger and would love to have you hop on over and check out my blog.
Your newest follower,