Thursday, August 9, 2012

My completed classroom.....

IT is finished..... my classroom set up that is.
I  have been working on this since early July.
My classroom design this year is Pinterest and teacher blogs inspired.
Thank you!!!! I wish I had "before" pictures of my classroom to show you.  
I LOVE how the new design turned out.

Take a peek.

This is one view from the doorway of my classroom.

Another view from the doorway of my classroom.

The library.....

Another partial view of the library...

The ladybug and dots calendar
The ladybug and dots cursive alphabet...

The math workshop board and my math word problem posters above the workshop board...
A view from my desk.. it's at the back of my classroom.
Another view from the back of the classroom..
Our meeting area is located in front of the Promethean board.  I forgot to take a close up of this area.

This is our "Bulldog Brag Tag" board.  I am out of bulletin board space so I used the door to
the front of the built in cabinet as a place for our "Brag Tags".  I just used the Contact hooks and numbered each one.  Students will be able to wear their brag tags on Fridays.  I purchased the necklaces from Image Stuff, but decided to make my own tags to go on them.  Below is a peek at the first tag each student will receive.  It has their name and our school mascot on them on one side. On the other side is the name of our school along with the  picture of our mascot.

This is a partial view of the writing center...

The CAFE board... I used the posters from  Ginger at  Ginger Snaps.
Just a little snapshot of a portion of my word wall that is below the CAFE board..

My Pinterest inspired bathroom passes and sign out sheets from the  Clutter Free Classroom.

My little classroom is ready and waiting for my new students ( 24 of them so far).
Back to School Night is Monday, and I can't wait  to meet  my students ( and their parents) the night before school begins. It's a great way to help students with those "first day jitters".

AND of course, with only a few days left before school begins, you have to have some time for fun. So my daughter and I did a little back to school shopping today.  She's SO totally not a shopper.   When I mentioned to her about having some mother/daughter time ( without brothers) to go school shopping, she says " Can we just pick something out online?" I just had to laugh.  I did manage to drag her into a few stores AND we had a lot of fun.

Since we are on the topic of shopping... did you hear about these fabulous back to school sales?
TPT is having a Back to School Sale on Sunday August 12-Monday August 13.
If you use the code below you will get an additional 10% off each item.
All items in my store will be 20% off for this sale.

Teacher Notebook is also having a Back To  Sale on August 11-13.  All items in my Teacher Notebook shop will be 30% off during this time.

I have already been filling my shopping cart with items that I want for my classroom.


Mrs. Lundquist said...

I love your room! The black and white polkadots are adorable. :)

Rebby said...

Congrats! Your room looks so great! I love the yellow and black. What do you have put up under your white board?

Classroom Compulsion

Corinna said...

Looks wonderful Krista!! I can tell all your hard work and dedication. I hope your colleagues are supportive and not too jealous;)

Surfin' Through Second

Mrs. G said...

It looks amazing! Now I'm really chomping at the bit to get my room done. I'm waiting on a box of borders and letters I had to order online. My local teacher store had nothing in the colors I wanted. Darn. Should be here by Tuesday though ;0)

Teach on a Limb

A Teacher Without a Class said...

Your classroom looks great! I would love to be one of your students!

Overachiever said...

I love your classroom! I wanted to know where did you find your math vocabulary posters underneath your dry erase board. Thanks.