Monday, July 2, 2012

Made It Monday

IT's Monday...... so you all know what that means, right?   I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her Made it Monday linky party.
I'm sharing with you my Pinterest inspired birthday frame and treats for my students.  I have very little if any extra classroom wall space after I hang my anchor charts, and other needed posters for my class, but I wanted a way to recognize my students' birthdays.  I happened to see a birthday frame that someone had created a few months ago on Pinterest.  I LOVED the idea.  This is something I plan to place on top of my filing cabinet and does not require any classroom wall space.  I also created it to match the theme of my classroom as well.  Take a look.

This was easy and very inexpensive to create.  The materials I needed were:
1. 11x14 frame-  I found a cheap one at the Dollar store for $3.00
2. 3 pieces of scrapbook paper.  I used red.
3. ribbon if desired to place on frame and on the birthday treat holder ( I already had polka dotted ribbon from a previous project.)
4. 1 package of pixie sticks.   I found a pack of 35 at the Dollar store for $1.
5. 1 recycled tin can.  I used a veggie can.
6. You will also need some tags or papers to write the months.  I created my own "Celebrating Birthdays in the Classroom Kit" ( see at bottom of this post)  to use with this.

 1. Measure out and cut the red scrapbook paper
as the background for the frame.
2. Cut out and attach the birthday months to the red paper.
Arrange however you wish.
3. Simply write the name of your student and date on the month
of their birthday.
4. Then cut out the “birthday banner” and place at the top
center of the red background
5. Place in frame. Using the ribbon, make a bow and attach to
the frame using hot glue.
6. Use red paper to adhere to the outside of a tin can.
7. Cut out and glue the “Birthday Treats” in the middle of the
tin can. Attach bows from the ribbon if desired using hot
8. Cut out the “happy birthday” balloons and begin
attaching using hot glue to the top of each pixie
9. Place pixie sticks with balloons in the “Birthday
Treats Holder”.

I can't wait to display this in my classroom this year. I also created a birthday certificate to go with this.  Take a peek at it below.

This kit is available in both my TPT and TN store for $2.50.  Simply click on the picture below to see more information.
 Don't forget to link up with Tara and show off something you have been working on this summer. Have a fabulous Monday!!!


Heather Temske said...

Those are so cute! I'm sure the kids will love it.

Krista Carlson said...

Too cute! Love how it all ties together with your theme :)!

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Tara said...

Ok, first of all can I tell you how happy it makes me when your blog pops up!!! The colors are so fun and happy! Ok, the birthday set is awesome! I don't have hardly any wall space either...I have probably made too many things and will be hanging stuff from my ears!!! It all looks great:) Thanks for linking up:)

4th Grade Frolics

Brandi said...

Your birthday items look great! I also worked on birthday things for this week's made it! Would love for you to stop by my blog and check it out!

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Lisa R. said...

I like how you put your birthdays in a frame!! Your birthday items look great! I love the colors that you used. :)

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Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

What a great idea!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Emily said...

Very cute with the frame! I've never seen that before. What a great idea, not having to buy a poster every year!

I Love My Classroom

Mrs. Reimann said...

The kids will love this!

Little Treasures

Anne Tussing said...

Fun and Cute!

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...



Amanda said...

Just darling!!! I need to keep up with birthdays this year. I feel like I just didn't do it justice last year.. and birthday are so important when you are little! Thanks for sharing :)

Shannon Kirby said...

Looks great! I have given your blog some awards. Stop by my blog to pick them up.

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Jill said...

I love the birthday frame, what a great way to display birthdays.

Thanks for sharing.

April Walker said...

Love the colors!
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