Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Out of this World Space Unit..... and DEALS!!!

Leap Day is almost upon us!  Do you have some special activities planned for your students on this day?  I am so excited about the Leap Day sale at TPT!!  I've already done some early shopping and saved some items to my wishlist so that I will be ready for tomorrow.    Many of the sellers have items priced 20% off on this day and with the code from TPT for an extra 10% off, that's 30% off.  How exciting is that! Click here to access the information about the sale and the code.

We just kicked off our space unit in science today.  It's one of my favorite science units to teach.  My students love the space activities that we do, and they are very curious about space.  Today I kicked off the unit with reading a story called Postcards from Pluto by Loreen Leedy.  Love the idea for this story... students are going on a field trip and write postcards back to their loved ones about the planets they visit.   So.. after our discussion of the story, my students created their own planet postcard.  Each student had to pick a planet they would visit on a vacation, and then write back to their loved ones about this planet. I have a free download of this postcard form in my TPT space unit that is found here.  I have also just added my space unit to my TPT store.  Included in this unit is a planet foldable activity, Memory game of the planets, Postcards from Pluto activity, Research activity, and an "Out of this World" file folder game about space.  It is $4.00 but if you get it with the TPT Leap Day sale it would only be $2.80!!  Click here to access this unit.

Here are a few pictures of the postcards: 



 I just LOVE deals!  Here is a picture of some items that I picked up at Dollar General last night.  These buckets come in colors of blue, hot pink, and green.  They are so adorable and only $1.00.  I have already decorated a couple of them... one that holds the popsicle sticks of my student's names and the other I thought I would use to put my space Memory game cards and the "Out of this World" planet game cards in from from my space unit.  I thought the green ones would be great for holding some of my  St. Patty's day games.

Have a fabulous evening!  Don't forget to check out the great deals at TPT!  I would love to hear about  your special activities on Leap Day tomorrow.


Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

space is one of my fave science themes :)

♥ Jen
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Angela said...

Thank your for visiting my blog! If you have any questions about the Promethean Board, let me know!

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