Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parent Volunteer

Do you have a parent volunteer in your classroom?   I have been fortunate to have one or two each year help out in my classroom.  I SO appreciate their help!  They save me hours of time in copying, laminating, and putting together my games.

I have to give a shout out to my volunteer this year, Miss Angie. LOVE her!  Today I had over 13 file folder games that needed laminating and cut-out.  She did it all!  I am so thankful!!!  I can't wait to share the new  games with my class.

I've been working hard on redecorating my classroom to black and white polka dots with daisies. I will try to post pics tomorrow.  It's so bright and cheerful.  My kiddos are loving it!

Don't forget about the TPT sale going on today!  I've been busy shopping. There are so many awesome units on TPT.

Have a relaxing evening!


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