Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ramblings from a Teacher on summer vacay AND a FREEBIE

Hey Sweet Friends!

Welcome to my Tuesday ramblings......

During the school year I NEVER seem to have time to simply browse, look, read blogs and etc. online.  I think I am FINALLY caught up this summer on all of this or so my hubs hopes as another package arrives at our doorstep.   Check out some of my favorite new things I have found this summer via online browsing.

1.  Luci Bags
Have you heard of these bags?  They are totally too adorable!  These AMAZING bags caught my teacher eye right away.  There are several different styles to choose from.  The bags have built in compartments to put photographs of your family, fur babies, vacation destinations, and etc.   My advice is to find someone who is selling them and order one right away!    I just ordered one to use for Jamberry, but I WANT another one to use as my "teacher bag".  Click HERE for a link to the Luci Bags if you want to take a peek at them for yourself.

Here's a sneak peak at my Luci Bag

2.  Fabletics
Okay.... I have to admit I thought this was too good to be true, but I tried them and LOVE them.  Fabletics is an online athletic wear company by Kate Hudson.  Fabletics is different from other athletic wear in that the entire ensemble is sold together.  You get the matching pants, shirt, and sports bra.   How does this work you ask??   Sign up at the link HERE.  You will be given an online survey to determine the kind of athletic wear that best fits your needs.  Then you will be given athletic outfits to choose from.  The first outfit ( 3 piece) is $25.00.   Then each month you will find customized outfits that have been selected for you to choose.  You can either "skip" this month or select an oufit and purchase it.    Here's the outfit I just received in the mail yesterday.  It's my July pick.  I LOVE the bright colors and how comfy it will be for my jog through the neighborhood.

3.  Jamberry
I LOVE to have pretty nails, but being a busy Mom who never seems to have time to fit in a salon manicure made pretty nails almost impossible.  I am TERRIBLE with polishing my nails.  I don't have the patience to sit long enough without doing too much for my polish to dry.  SO... I've become obsessed with Jamberry nail wraps.   I LOVE all the cute and stylish designs.  I have gotten so many compliments on my nails everywhere I go.... my kiddo's swim lessons, baseball games, gym, even at the grocery store.   

I love the nail wraps so much that I took the plunge and became a Jamberry Independent Consultant.  Look at all the FREE stuff I received from my first Facebook party.

In just the first month of joining Jamberry, I've had such a blast.  I had the opportunity to help my mother in law get ready for her 50th wedding anniversary.  She received so many compliments about her fingernails during the celebration that she's already chosen more Jamberry nail wraps to order.
I also just had the opportunity to host a mani/pedi party for the Moms of my son's baseball team.  It was such a fun girl night!  We applied baseball nail wraps to get ready to cheer on our favorite team for an upcoming baseball tournament.

If you haven't yet tried Jamberry, you must.  They last up to 2 weeks even through washing dishes, trips to the pool, and even the beach.  AND the best part, they are easy to apply and take about 20 minutes to complete a manicure.  Seriously!   

If you would like a FREE sample of Jamberry to try for yourself, click on the pic below.  Just fill out the google doc form, and I will send out a sample to you.   
Are you interested in earning FREE Jamberry items, I'd love to help you host a Facebook party.  It's  easy, peasy and lots of fun!  Click on the photo below or HERE to be taken to my link to sign up for a party.  I will get back with you on dates and times that fit your schedule.  This would be a great way to welcome your coworkers back to a new school year.  Everyone could be rocking out their new Jams!

AND if you are like me and love Jamberry and decided to be a consultant for the great discount and free stuff on Jamberry, I invite you to join my team.   It's been so much fun and the opportunities have been so amazing!  Just click HERE or on the photo below to join my team or find out more information about becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant.  You would be getting in on a ground floor opportunity of a rapidly expanding company.

Here's just a few of my favorite jamicures I have done this summer.
Vacay and Haute Pink!

Emerald Palm and Gray and White Polka
Black and White Polka  on my daughter's nails

Red Sparkle and Curve Ball

Born to Sparkle and Navy Skinny

AND for sticking with me through my ramblings on a Tuesday, I have a FREEBIE for you.  You can snag my " The Notebook" Classroom Behavior Management Printables for FREE by clicking HERE or on the photo below.

Enjoy your day!   I get to go into my classroom and work today.  Yipee!  We all had to move classrooms and pack up everything at the end of the school year.  Today is the first day I get to go in my  new classroom and begin getting it ready.

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