Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday... AND You're invited to a party in which you could win it ALL!

Hi Sweet Friends!

I really wish the summer would just SLOW down!  I know I've said it already, but goodness time does fly!!  Our first day of school is August 13.  Anyone else begin a new school year around then?

I couldn't wait to link up with Doodle Bugs  for another  Five for Fraturday.  Sorry!  I'm a day late.

1.   My Classroom  Before/and a work in Progress photos

Every teacher in my building had to move classrooms over the summer.  Our 6th grade is moving out to the Middle School, SO we will have more room.  This is my NEW room.  Notice my stack of boxes along the window.     After 4 hours of hard work this past room now looks like this
The boxes are all unpacked, my classroom library is put back together, and I was able to hang the curtains.  Progress!!  I have lots more to do.... but at least everything is now unpacked.  I am LOVING all the storage in my new classroom. 

2.  Classroom Decor
I decided not to change the color scheme and pattern of my classroom this year.  I've had the black and white polka dots with yellow accents for the last 2 years.  Maybe I'll change next year....  Here's the classroom pack I created:  "Classroom Decor:  At the Lemonade Stand- Chalkboard and Chevron Themed.
You can click the photo above or HERE to check this out at my TPT store.

I needed new paper lanterns, locker tags, and bulletin borders SO I ordered these from Teacher Created Resources.    Just click each photo below to be taken to the link on this product.
AND this I found on Amazon

3.  21 Day Fix

I've heard so many awesome things about this program, that I thought I'd give it a try.  I'm on day 5, and I LOVE it.   Summers get so busy that often I forget to eat, and then I'm starving and reach for food I shouldn't be eating.  Especially this summer... I had braces put on at the end of the school year and eating salads and etc has been quite an adjustment for me.[21+day+fix]&utm_content=!acq!v2!s-e-54952432213-14358524533&utm_campaign=Google-Brand-21+Day+Fix+-+Exact&gclid=Cj0KEQjwlv6dBRDC7rGfrvidmJgBEiQAjd3hMLjUIqO5oCkd4iaT3o8UKEAtmQusAd40VE2RIN5n4OsaAidq8P8HAQ
Click HERE to learn more about this program.

4.  Family Pics from the week....
This week has been packed with baseball, baseball, baseball, swim lessons and gymnastics.


This is my daughter's half smile after having to go to another one of her brother's baseball games.

5. You are INVITED!!!
I am hosting a Jamberry Mystery Hostess Party that begins on Wednesday, July 16 and ends Saturday evening, July 19.  If you love Jamberry, you must stop by and participate.  It's all ONLINE and you can drop by whenever and how often you want at this Fun Facebook Event.  There will be door prizes of Jamberry products and games each day of this event  AND the best thing is someone will be the Mystery Hostess.  This means that ONE of you will be selected to be the hostess at the end of the party and the hostess gets ALL of the hostess rewards and FREE stuff.  How awesome is that?!  I host the party and post games and give away door prizes and one lucky person gets the hostess rewards just for participating in the games, inviting friends to join, and SHOPPING.

I promise it will be fun, and I guarantee you will find some cute nail wraps or nail lacquer to wear for a Back to School Night or Meet the Teacher Night.

Click HERE for the link to this Mystery Hostess Event.  Please make sure you hit " Join" or "Going" so that you get the event notifications and posts when the party starts.  I will be posting more on this event page later this weekend to give more information about how you can be the mystery hostess.  If you share this link with a friend and they "join" the party, please let me know. You can just comment on the Mystery Hostess Event to let me know. You get MORE party points for inviting a friend.

I can't wait!  I hope to see you there!

Enjoy your weekend Friends!

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Rachel Vincent said...

I'm starting the 21 Day Fix on Monday!! So glad to know someone else out there doing it to! The containers look so small, I'm worried about that!
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