Saturday, January 4, 2014

Slim Down Saturdays- Week One

Hey Dear Friends!
I'm excited to be part of Third Grade Tidbits Slim Down Saturdays.
How many of you have added eating healthier, working out more, or losing weight to your New Year's Resolution?  
I began this journey last January and am happy to say that it was well worth the hard work.   I was a HORRIBLE eater.  My mentality was as long as I count calories and don't go over what my body needs, I can eat whatever.  WRONG!  Before I began my journey last year to become healthier, I  ran 3-5 miles 6 days a week.  I probably only consumed 1300-1500 calories per day.  I wasn't losing any weight but actually gaining some.   I purchased all those 100 calorie snacks, Special K cereal and so forth thinking I was doing the right thing.

Well, for me, an almost 40 year old, this eating style wasn't working.  So last year I worked with a personal trainer who gave me a healthy eating plan and workouts.  It was fabulous.  I lost 20 lbs and feel SO much better!  He taught me a lot about eating that I really didn't know or understand.  

While not everyone may have a gym with access to personal trainers in their area ,nor have the time to go to the gym, you can still do this!

Even though I no longer use a personal trainer since last May, I still have been able to continue my healthy eating and maintain my weight loss except for that 5 lbs I just gained over the holidays.  Yikes!! 

I can also say that I haven't been to the gym since October.  Seriously!!  I would typically spend 1 hour and 30 minutes in the gym after work. My husband goes to work extremely early in the morning, so a morning workout at the gym was out of the question.  I was really feeling guilty for not being home with my family.  I felt good, but wanted to try another way to stay healthy while being with my family.   SO.... I researched and decided to try P90X.  It's a series of strength training and cardio workouts that I can do at home ,and it has helped me maintain my weight loss.  If you would like to find out more about this, please contact me.  I would be happy to share.  I'm getting ready to begin P90X3 which is only 30 minutes each day.  Woohoo!

Will you join us in the New Year to eat healthier and get STRONGER?  I would love for you to help me stay "accountable", and complete this journey together. I hope to post a new "clean" recipe that I will try out on my family each week.  I will let you know how it goes.  I also hope to post a "tip" that helped me during the week.

I would love to hear your thoughts and personal stories!
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Gina S. said...

That is great that you maintained for the most part! That is usually the worst for me. I get to my goal and then give up. I can't do that this time! We have p90x but I just didn't like it or have the time for it. I thought about T25 but I decided to see if I commit to this simple plan before spending anymore money... because I have a TON of workout dvds. Thanks for linking up!
Third Grade Tidbits

Jennifer Laffin {Mrs. Laffin's Laughings} said...

Good for you!!! My husband did P90X last year and lost a lot of weight with it. I bought him T25 for Christmas and I may do it as well. I like that it is only 25 minutes. I wish you the best on your fitness journey!

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

Lauren De Wees said...

I am striving to lose those last 15 pounds too! Clean eating can make such a difference in how we feel and look. Good luck this week!
The Traveling Teacher

Kate :) said...

Hi Krista! Found you through the Slimdown Saturday challenge! You and I seem to be in the same "place". I have 15lbs. or so to get rid of and diet soda is my nemesis (and best friend)!! I have wondered about P90X. I am an informercial junkie and have TurboJam, TurboFire, The Firm, Chalean Extream, and most recently T25. I really want to stick with T25 but I really like dancy-type workouts. So it's hard to stay motivated with it! I am your newest follower and let's keep up with our health! We deserve it!

Kate :)
McDee's Busy Bees