Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Multiplication Activities and a FREEBIE

We've been working on the concept of multiplication this week.
In our school district students are expected to have their
multiplication facts thru 12 memorized.  Students
take daily timed tests to practice this.
BUT before we begin any of this,
my students spend a lot of time
learning about the concept of multiplication, its related vocabulary,
and strategies that can be used.

Here are a few things they have been up to:

On day one students watched the multiplication video
found on Brain Pop.  We discussed the meaning of multiplication and its related addition sentences
and groups.  Students created these posters above.  I found this cute idea from Amy Lemons at Step Into Second Grade.

On Day 2 we talked about arrays.  I gave each group 4 sticker cards with arrays.  Each group had to write the multiplication sentence.  Several also included the addition sentence. :)

Then we played the game " I Have, Who Has" with  arrays
You can download this game for free by clicking the picture below.  If you download them, please leave some "love".

My students also made a flapbook for their interactive math journals.

Students had to create 6 arrays in all on their flapbook.  Then they had to write the multiplication sentence on the outside of the shutter or flap. Students wrote the "groups of" on the inside of the flap.

Don't forget to grab your I Have, Who Has Multiplication Arrays freebie above.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  I would love to hear about your favorite activities you use with your students when teaching multiplication.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly Campbell said...

Thank you sharing. These activities are just what I need to reinforce their learning and allowing them to explain as well.