Monday, October 1, 2012

Inferencing, linky party, and a FREEBIE!

We have been talking about making inferences during our reading mini lessons. 
First I shared with my students our Inferences anchor chart.
Then I shared with students my " All About Me" bag.  Inside it were items about me.  I had included my car keys, a chocolate bar, a St. Louis Cardinal hat, a t-shirt I had been given after participating in a marathon relay, and a few other items.  As I pulled out each item of the bag, I recorded this item on a piece of chart paper.  Then students made inferences about this item.  These inferences were also recorded on the chart paper.  Then I sent home "All About Me" paper bags with students.  Their assignment was to find four things to place in this bag that was about them.  The next day we worked on making inferences about the items in these bags.  Due to time constraints we did 3 a day at the beginning of our reading workshop time.

I also read to my students the book below.  I realize it's not at most of my student's reading level, but it was a fabulous introduction into making inferences, and who doesn't love Pete the Cat?!  It was such a fun book to read.
Another great book I shared with my students was " The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo" by Judy Blume.  After reading this story my students had to complete a sheet on inferences from the story.
Click Here to get a copy of this inference sheet from Google docs.

I also gave each of my students a sticky note during "Read to Self" of our Daily 4.  Each student was to write down at least one inference he/she made while reading their story on this sticky note.

I also created these inferencing task cards to use with my students.  You can get them for FREE by clicking on the pictures below.

Please leave some "love" if you grab this freebie.

I am linking up with Amber of Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher for her reading linky party.
  I can't wait to read all of the great lesson ideas!


Briawna said...

Thank you so much for the ideas and freebies!

4321Teach said...

Thanks for sharing the book recommendations!


Elizabeth said...

Love your inferencing task cards!!