Sunday, September 30, 2012

Share It Sunday

So many things to share.. 
Isn't it great to FINALLY get your kiddos into a routine?!
I have been loving using the Daily 5 ( we do the Daily 4) in my classroom and 
Math Workshop.  It has given me more time to work in small groups
with my kiddos that need that extra one on one. I also feel like the other activities are keeping
my higher level students challenged.
I thought I'd share with you our week in pictures with some of the fabulous
TPT products  I used with my students this week.

1. Fall Word Work Activities by Chrissy Beltran- I used these in our Daily 5 Word Work Area

2. Author's Purpose Picnic by   Mandy Gregory     

  We used this as a station for our Family Reading Night , and I have used it as an activity for when students are finished with their work.  It's been a fabulous way to practice author's purpose.

3. Summarizing Task Cards by Rachel Lynette

 I also used this as a station for our Family Reading Night.  The parents would read the cards to their children, and have the child tell summarize the paragraph.

4.  "Owl"Star Kids Book Club Kit-  I have also been using book clubs/literature circles with my 3rd graders.  I love the  book club discussions I am hearing from my students!  I wanted to take those discussions to a new level using many of the terms we have been working on such as author's purpose, summarizing, connections, inferences, and so forth.  I also wanted my students to incorporate that "show evidence from the text to support your answer" which is one of the Common Core Standards.  So I created an "Owl Star" book club kit for my students.  Each student chooses a question from the "Owl Star" book club container to research and prepare for their book club discussion the night before.  After completing it for the first time this week, I really liked the higher level of questioning and discussion that was taking place in the book clubs.

Thanks for stopping by!  I will send the first 3 people who comment on this post about how they would use or how they use book clubs/literature circles in their classroom a copy of the "Owl"Star Kids' Book Club Kit.  Please include your e-mail address. 

Have a fabulous Monday!  


Room Four said...

Hi there, Love your ideas! I have small groups in my 2/3 class, with the stronger students doing literature circles. We try to discuss our reading and I love the idea of specific prompts. Right now we are struggling tohave meaningful conversations.

YearntoLearn said...

I'd love to get more into book clubs. I do one to one mini conferences with students right now.


Laura said...

Hey Krista! I use Daily 5 and love it too! I also use the CAFE chart for conferences and mini lessons and use literature circles during my guided reading groups but we haven't started the lit. Circles yet this year.. very soon! Id love your book kit!!

Sara Soucy said...

I really like the idea of your Owl star book club! I would definitely use it with my higher reading group. I really like to push and challenge them to see what they can do!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Miss Foote said...

This is so great...I have the high reading group during our intervention/extension time and I was just thinking about what I was going to do.

Chickadee Jubilee