Monday, May 7, 2012

Multiplication Mania and a FREEBIE

Now that we have covered all of our math curriculum this year, I have  begun 2 and 3 digit multiplication with my students.  With our Envision Math curriculum, we begin multiplication early in the fall.  I think our 3rd graders almost see it as a rite of passage for 3rd grade.  Our students are required to memorize their multiplication facts through 12.

I love to incorporate literature with math.  Here's a fabulous picture book I love to use when introducing multiplication to my students.
This is perfect for introducing the concept of multiplication.  There are so many pictures of "groups of" items.  I also found some great worksheets and activities that others have created to go with this book.  Here are just a few:

One thing I like to do with my kiddos after reading this book is to create a class book of riddles.  Students are each given a page to illustrate and create a riddle for.  The riddle may look something like this:  Which is more 3 groups of 5 stars or 2 groups of 8 hearts?    Then the students illustrate this riddle.   I then assemble the pages to create one large class riddle book.  My students love looking through the pages and solving the riddles.   You can get a free copy of the riddle book I created by clicking the picture below.  Enjoy!  

I also use multiplication stations with my students.  They love these and ask for them long after our multiplication is finished.  Here's a peak of our Multiplication Mania stations...

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and as a thank you for following my blog, I will send the first 3 people who comment below the Multiplication Mania Math stations.


mrs.masood said...

Wow, this looks great. I have just tried stations and don't know why i waited so long- the kids loved them!

ckean said...

I love your games. I am always looking for ways to get my chidren to learn their facts! Thanks,Colleen

Krista Carlson said...

Love the riddles! Great way to tie in number stories with multiplication. May have to use this for review at the end of the year! Thanks!

The Second Grade Superkids

mrs.masood said...

oops! I forgot to put my email:

Julie said...

That is such a great multiplication book! Thanks for sharing!
Light A Fire in Third

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I like to introduce math concepts with books. This sounds like a good one!

Marianne B said...

This was a great book for multiplication. I also used '100 Hundred Hungry Ants' to introduce the skill. My 3rd graders loved the books :)