Sunday, May 6, 2012

3-6 Free Resources Teacher Appreciation Linky Party

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  Thank you so much for all that you do for children!!!  You are amazing!  I am so thankful and feel so blessed for all the wonderful teachers that my children have had over the years.  Each one has left such a difference in the lives of each of our children.

3-6 Free resources is having a Teacher Appreciation Linky.  Link up by clicking on the picture below and let others know how your school celebrates Teacher Appreciation week.

Teacher appreciation week is so much fun at our school.  Our PTO is fabulous in handing out information to parents and organizing activities for each day of the week.  A couple of weeks before this big event, the PTO passes out flyers that go home in our students' Friday Folders.  The hand-outs let parents know about Teacher Appreciation Week and how it will be celebrated each day.  The hand-outs mention the special days and asks for donations of items and etc to help out with this week.

In the past this is how the PTO has celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week at our school:
Mondays- Students create a handmade card to hand deliver to their teacher.  ( These are SO precious.  I treasure these handmade cards.)
Tuesdays- Desserts provided by the PTO  ( YUM!)
Wednesdays- Lunch provided by the PTO.  This year  we each filled out an order form for a sandwich to be delivered to each of us from Quiznos.
Thursdays- Students bring in items needed in the classroom such as post it notes, pens, books, and etc.
Fridays- Salad luncheon

*** My most memorable gift I received was from the family of a young girl who had been adopted from Russia the previous summer.  Her name was Rose, and her family sent me this beautiful rose bush.  My husband planted it in our rose garden, and each year I am reminded of this sweet student. 

I love to have my own kiddos help me create and make their gifts for their teachers.  I found some fabulous ideas from Pinterest, and can't wait to assemble  these ideas into a fabulous gift basket.  We have 3 of them to create.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. This looks so EASY and cute!  I was thinking this could be brought in on Wednesday, the day of our luncheon.
 Click on the picture above to go to the link in which the free printables and directions are printed.

2.  I found this on Pinterest, but the link goes to an Etsy shop.  These are too cute.  Love the idea.
This would be great in a gift basket with pencils, post-it notes idea listed below, the handmade bookmarks, and a few new books for the classroom.  Click on the picture if you would like to be taken to the Etsy link.  I'm going to try and create my own using my Cricut and ribbon I already have.

3.  Aren't these just adorable?  Check out these hand-made post-it notes. Too cute.

I found this idea on Pinterest.  I have to say that when I clicked on the link it did not go to this idea.  It looks easy though.. just purchase some post-it notes and use scrapbook paper, embellishments, and ribbon to create a cute design on the front.  I linked the picture above to the website given if you would like to check the website out.

4.  This would go great in a gift basket also.  Hand-made bookmarks.  Simply click on the link to direct you to the blog with directions.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  Don't forget to link up to 3-6 Free Resources above and let us know how you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

I hope you all have some time to relax, you DESERVE it!  I will post a picture of our teacher baskets later this week once my kiddos have helped me create them using the ideas I found above.

Check back soon for a post on multiplication and a freebie.


Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Sounds like you will have a great week!!! I love all the little goodies! My son made me a bunch of those paperclips last year as a gift...LOVE IT!!


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Erika said...

Sounds like you have a great week ahead. Love the soda idea and am using that for my daughters teachers both of whom love soda! Thanks.

Mrs. L. Jordan said...

I love the ideas that you shared. I am a new follower of yours:)

ThinkWonder Teach said...

What a great week! Thanks for the pinterest ideas!! I am still amazed that some schools do not recognize the hard work and dedication of the teachers. I am so glad yours does!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Think, Wonder, & Teach
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Amber P. said...

What a great week! Love that clipboard!

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