Monday, April 16, 2012

Girls On The Run and Go Run!

Okay, okay!  If you were like me just a couple of years ago... I would have probably ignored any post with the word RUN in it.  If it peaked your curiosity......... here goes it...

Even though I am DEFINITELY not built like a slim and muscular runner, I enjoy running TREMENDOUSLY!  Just a couple of years ago if anyone asked if I could run ( jog), I would say loudly and clearly that God did not create me to run.  I exercised, but running was not in my vocabulary.

... then came my introduction to the program Girls' On the Run.

 This is a character building program for girls that  has a fun 5K built into it as well.  Our school adopted this program a few years ago, and I am proud to say that I  have been privileged to be part of teaching and coaching my daughter's team.  If I have your curiosity peaked a bit about this program PLEASE check it out HERE.  I highly recommend it!  Our school had over 100 girls the first year we began.  It was absolutely AMAZING!  We met after school twice a week.  The program has curriculum especially created for girls.  This program teaches the girls about being physically and emotionally healthy.  It starts in grade 3 and continues through middle school.  I get a little (sappy) emotional when talking about this program because I have seen first hand how it truly helps the girls.  They learn to work together as a team and this program addresses such things as gossip, being a friend, and so forth.   After our activities, we get the girls out to run/walk each practice.  The girls don't have to run, but we encourage them to try their best.  The culmination of the program is a 5K.  Our area has its 5K in St. Louis.  I've never been to a race such as this one.  Thousands of girls and their parents are in the streets ready to race. The girls can have their faces painted before the race and their hair dyed crazy colors.  There is music playing with a D.J. and other fun activities after the race.  It's quite an experience, and such an emotional one when those girls cross a finish line knowing they have completed a race.  The girls do have to have a parent, older friend, or teacher  run/walk with them at this race.  It is a wonderful character building program for preteen girls ( and a great bonding experience for Mothers/Daughters or Fathers/Daughters), and I HIGHLY recommend it.

.... so now I'm even running.. It's my stress reliever and confidence booster.   My husband and I ran a 6 mile leg of the marathon relay at the GO St. Louis Marathon on Sunday with some friends from church.  Here's a pic of my hubs and I.

Believe me... I would have never even thought about running 6 miles a few years ago.  Girls on the Run  has had quite an impact on me as well.

Please feel free to share any after school programs your school has adopted!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


Runmissnelsonsgotthecamera said...

We have Girls on the Run too! I'm signing up next year. What an accomplishment. You ROCK!

Julie said...

I have read so much about Girls on the Run on fellow teacher blogger pages and it has inspired me! I want to start a program at my school. I think our girls would really benefit from it! (I guess I'll have to start running now too ;) )

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