Monday, March 12, 2012

Work Stations

I previously implemented stations or learning centers in my room MAYBE once a week....  I use them on  a daily basis with my students NOW.  Last year I was able to go to a fabulous workshop on RTI and learning stations.  I came away with many great ideas to easily implement stations in my classroom.     Here is one of the easy to use station ideas I use at certain times of the year with my students:

At the beginning of the year, I spend quite a bit of this time going over station procedures, expected behavior, and  how to do the items that were in each station.  This seemed to help tremendously with the smooth flow of the stations that we now have in the classroom. We have a work station poster that lists the station each student goes to for the day and who they will be working with.  I also put all of the items needed for that particular station and the "I Can" poster in a tub labeled with the stations name. Students can participate in this station rotation for about 20 minutes.  This allows me time to work with students in small groups.

 A few of the stations I use are: 
Reading and Reader's Theater- I have selected books that go along with whatever unit we might be studying.  Students may read together.  I also have task cards that ask the students different questions about what they read.
Poetry- Students each have a poetry notebook.  Each week I have a different poem posted in this area.  Students are to cut-out this poem and place in their notebook.  They are to read it with their partner and look for rhyming words, and then draw a picture of what they think of when they hear this poem.  I also have task cards posted of other things to find in their poems such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  
Math- I add different file folder games and etc as we come to a different area in math.  I also have a large clear shower curtain that I made to look like a calculator.  The students may hop out their number sentences and the answer for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Writing-  Students have journals in this station.  The I can sheet lists many ideas for students to write about.  I also have an idea list for students to choose from.  Often their favorite thing is to write me a letter so that I can write them back.
Spelling- The lists for the week and previous weeks can be found at this station. The I can sheet lists several choices that students can use to practice their spelling words.  I also have used a clear shower curtain and made it  to look like a keyboard.  Students can "hop" out their spelling words on this.
Computer-Ipad-  I have websites that students can visit saved in the bookmarks of each classroom computer. 

I don't always use these station ideas.  Many times I create things according to what unit we may be working on.. but these are quick and easy to use when I need them.  We also have a short station meeting after each time to discuss some of the things the students worked on.  This is often when students may suggest "new" ideas to put into the station tubs depending on what we may be studying.  I can simply add to the "I CAN" sheets that are in the tubs.

You can find the "I Can" station posters that I use at my TPT store for free by going here.  

Writing Station

Math Station
Poetry Station
Reader's Theater

I would love to hear how stations/learning centers are used in your classroom.  I love new ideas!  Thank you for sharing!!!


  Have a fabulous evening!


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