Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flash Mob, Common Core Posters, and Currently

What an interesting combination!!  Have you ever been part of a flash mob or saw one on YouTube??!  Our school started the testing week off this morning with the teachers doing  a flash mob to "Are You Ready For This".  The students all began the morning in the gym, and as the principal was making an announcement about doing your best on the tests... the music started.  FLASHMOB!!  It was SO fun.... A little Crazy, but LOTS of fun and the students enjoyed it.

I have been busily working on Common Core standards posters.   I  plan on creating a bulletin board in my classroom to display the standards we are working on.  I had even thought that instead of a bulletin board display I could use velcro to attach the posters to ribbon and then hang on the walls in my class.  ( My only problem.... finding free wall space in my classroom.)
  I  created the posters using Kevin and Amanda fonts and Scrappin Doodles graphics. Take a peek........

 These posters cover all the standards for literature,informational text, language, speaking and listening, and math.  You can check them out here in my TPT store.  So far I have grade 3 posted and am working on grade 2 and 4 standards. I hope to have grade 2 posted by this evening.

The next currently....... 
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Have a fabulous evening!
.... And now to go get those papers graded!!  Ugh!!!


Krista Carlson said...

How precious- love the flash mob idea! I bet the kids just thought it was a hoot!

The Second Grade Superkids

Christi said...

Fun! We're doing a surprise flash mob (shh!) at our talent show this year. The students always love seeing their teachers have fun like that. I'd love to see a video clip, you know someone got it on film! ;)

Ms. Fultz's Corner

Courtney said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower and a fellow grade 3 teacher. Looking forward to seeing what goes on in your classroom :) Come by and check my blog out when you have the chance

Teaching in Paradise