Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smartboard/Promethean Board Resources

Promethean Board!!

The week has been flying by!!!! I can't believe it's already Thursday.  Woohoo!!  I wanted to share one of my FAVORITE pieces of technology that I have in my classroom, the Promethean Board.  I feel so fortunate to have this, and my students LOVE it!  It's been such a great addition to our classroom.  I still have a lot to learn ,and many of my students know more about it than I do.  ( I love that about kids.. They can pick up on technology so quickly.  It's AMAZING!) 

Here are a few resources I have found that are great with the SmartBoard/Promethean Board.
1. Spelling-  a great resource for games and spelling practice is
2. All subject areas-  Brainpop offers video clip introductions in about any subject area.  My kids ask for them...  Our school purchased a membership, but you can get a one week free trial to see what you think
3. Jeopardy Game for all subjects-  I found a great Jeopardy game generator that can be used in review in all subject areas.  Lots of fun!!
4. Reading- Our school uses the Houghlin Mifflin Math Series and a school in Virginia has some great powerpoints and additional resources that go with the 3rd grade reading series.
5. For Younger Students PreK, K and 1 the PBS website has some great interactive tools for reading, spelling, and even math.
6. Math- I found a website called  The Teacher's Guide.  It even lists the grade levels on this site.  Simply click the grade level and math area you would like a game on, and examples will pop up. Very cool!
7. President's Day Resources-  The first website is a virtual tour of George Washington's Mt. Vernon home. 
 Another site is a photo tour of Abraham Lincoln's house in Springfield.

..Many of these sites would also work well with simply a projector and your computer.   

I would LOVE to hear how you use the Promethean/Smartboard in your classroom.  Please send me any of your suggestions. 

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Mrs. Schenkelberg said...

Thanks for the links! You should check out my blog- I post the activboard resources that I make there!

KRISTA said...

Thanks! I will definitely do that!