Monday, February 13, 2012

Reading/Common Core Standards

MONDAYS!!!  I think the most difficult part of my day was just getting my own children up and out of bed. Mondays seem to be the hardest. For those of you who have children, doesn't it seem like that some days you've put in a full day of work just getting your children ready and out the door before you even get to school?!  Don't get me wrong, they are such BLESSINGS, but this morning they had me worn out before I ever got to school.

We've been working on a story from our basal reader called Lon Po Po. It is a Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood.   It is a cute story and a great addition to a fairy tale unit.   I wanted my students to do some comparing and contrasting of the two stories so each student completed a Venn Diagram at their desk. A Venn Diagram  was also displayed on our board using two hula hoops.  The students had to write their ideas down on sticky notes and post in in our Venn Diagram.  They thoroughly enjoyed this!  Just the simple act of having hula hoops as the model for this made each student want to volunteer their answers and put them on their sticky notes.  This ties into the Common Core Standard #9 for Literature.
Venn Diagram using hula hoops

Another activity my students completed was a foldable for summarzing Lon Po Po.    I LOVE foldables!!! This goes with Common Core Standard #1.

Thanks for stopping by!! I would love to hear how you use Venn Diagrams and foldables in the classroom.

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