Saturday, February 11, 2012


Winter has finally found its way to us for a few short days anyway. I had really been enjoying the unusually warm temperatures considering  last winter we had TEN snow days off of school.  I'm on the countdown for spring.  I CAN'T wait!!

I wanted to share a foldables briefcase my students have been working on in social studies.  We have been learning the "basics" about the American Revolution.  One of the things my students did during this unit was to create a foldable briefcase that would be used as their study guide.  They had so much fun doing this, and couldn't wait to find out what kind of foldable they would create for each area we studied.  Below are some of the pics.. I think they turned out really great! Click this link for the free unit on the foldables:
View of Front Cover

Inside View

Foldable of the Causes of the American Revolution

Foldable of Important people from the American Revolution

   I also have an American Revolution Unit listed.  It consists of a booklet about the 13 colonies, stamp act, sugar act, Boston Tea Party, Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Declaration of Independence, George Washington, Treaty of Paris, Constitution, and Loyalists, Patriots, and NeutralsAlso included is a study guide that goes with the foldables and a test. Additional activities are: Declaration of Independence newspaper writing, Letter writing about King George III and his treatment of the colonists, George Washington website scavenger hunt, and a teacher resource page with additional books to go with the unit and websites that have additional activities and can also be shown to the class. 
American Revolution unit found on TPT

I would love to hear form you.  Please let me know what you think!  :)


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