Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Introducing... My 2013-2014 Classroom!!

IT is finally finished!!!
I'm referring to my classroom.
I am doing the happy dance that I finally have it ready.

NOW to the hard stuff... planning.

I wanted to share some photos of my classroom.  I will try to provide links to items that are shown in the pictures.

Here's an overlook of my classroom as you enter.  My color theme is anything yellow, red, white and polka dots.

This is an overview of the other side of my classroom.  You can see the library to the back of the classroom.

This is a photo of my Brag Tag area along with the brag tag I made for the first day of school.  It's all set for my new group of third graders.

This is a photo of my Accelerated Reader bulletin board.  Students are given their goals for the quarter.  I have pitchers of lemonade with their names on them to move along the board as they work towards their goal of 100% ( met their goal).  I used Krista Wallden's adorable lemonade clip art for this board.

This is my writing center.  The bulletin board display comes from Miss Nelson.  You can click HERE to check out this FREEBIE.

Next to my writing center are the writing binders for writing workshop.  At the top are my writing posters that you can check out HERE.  Also shown is my Newspaper Station that is to the left.  Click HERE to check this out.  Hanging directly above the binders are writing topic cards from Lori Rosenberg.  Click Here to check these out.

This is my Common Core board.  I purchased plastic pockets from the Target Dollar Spot to hold my Common Core Standards.  You can click HERE to check out these Common Core Posters.
Below the bulletin board is my portable word wall.  These are part of my "At The Lemonade Stand" Classroom Decor pack.  You can check it out HERE.

This is a photo that is above my teacher work area.  Shown are my birthday treats and birthday frame and homework club. Click HERE and HERE to download these freebies. Also shown is our classroom calendar and daily schedule.  These are all part of the Classroom Decor At the Lemonade Stand.  I also have posted by reading comprehension strategy posters.  You can click HERE to view these.

This is also part of my teacher work area.  This is where I store my teacher supplies since I am not using a desk this year.  There is a round table for working with students in this area.
This is also in my teacher work area.  There is a shelf that runs along the length of my classroom window. Pictured is my teacher toolbox, R.A.K. jar, my supply caddy, a sub tub, and copies for the days of the week.

This is our math board.  It comes from A Cupcake for a Teacher.  You can click HERE to check this out.

This is my classroom library.  The book baskets are labeled with items that come from my Classroom Library Kit.  You can click HERE to check this out.  Above the book baskets I have posted by reading genre posters.  You can click HERE to check these out.  Also shown in the far left are our reading pals.

This is a photo of all the items on need easy access to while teaching.  It includes the "Pick Me Pot" from a Cupcake for a Teacher.  Also shown are my All-Star Breaks.  Click HERE to check this out.  I also have our "Owl-Star" Kids Book Club sticks on this shelf as well.  Click HERE to check these out.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I loved showing you a sneak peek of my classroom.


Miss T said...

Super cute!

And I saw a sub binder and sub tub, yay!!!! Lol :)

Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

Melanie Morgan said...

I love it! Your students will definitely, too.

I do a red, black, and white theme with polka dots, too! I know you have yellow in there, too, but it looks so similar to my pirate decor! I wish I had access to my room to get started. The rumor is August 8th and our first day to report back is the 19th so that only leaves me 11 days. AHHHHHHHH! I hope mine looks as great as yours!

Thanks for sharing a peek into your home away from home!


Shawna said...

Looks great Krista! What a feeling of accomplishment, now you can relax a bit and concentrate on other things.
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

Sara Soucy said...

Looks awesome - so organized!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

lovelyday said...

Well done! You are so organized! I love how it all came together! It looks great!!!

Raye said...

Your room looks great! I usually get my room organized and set up in 2-3 days, tops. Usually this is because I have "visualized" my placement all summer. (I've moved rooms every year for the last four's getting old lol) This year I'm in a new building too so I don't know the layout and I'm dying to get in there so I can start my visual plan! I love how your room looks. Bright and cheerful.

Abbey Thurn said...

Now to the planning! That's a great idea to get in there and get it all set up early, then you can concentrate on planning! Your room looks nice!

Hooty said...

Your room looks great! I wish I had my room looking as good as yours.

Hooty's Homeroom

Jenn Long said...

Your room looks great!

A Pirates Life for Us

Kaylee's Education Studio said...

I've been seeing so many great looking classroom as I've been blog hopping. Yours looks great.