Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bloglovin' Giveaway Winners and a TO DO list linky party

Oh my goodness friends!
It's July  and that back to school clock has started ticking for me.
We begin school August 13 with students, but the room preparations and planning begin now for me.
So I couldn't wait to link up with Lorraine at Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies for :

First I'll give you a quick synopsis of my projects around the house to do list.  Paint and decorate the kids' bathroom, clean out kiddos' closets, and clean upstairs carpets
I REALLY, TRULY tried to keep a list of 5 things to accomplish each day during the summer.  After the first week I was such a stressed out mess over trying to get these things completed, that I just gave up.

Now here's my to do list for school:
1. Prepare my math workshop area
2. Spruce up my writer's workshop area
3.  Put my classroom library back together ( We had to pack up EVERYTHING at the end of the school year for summer cleaning.)
4. Create a new birthday chart and birthday treats
5. Order necklaces for brag tags and print out tags ( I created my own last year)
6. Prepare my teacher material area.  I am not putting a teacher desk in my room this year, so I need to be more organized about where to put my teacher materials for each day, and office supplies that I normally kept in my desk.
7. Prepare my clip chart for behavior with students's names on the clips.
8. Copy and laminate all of my back to school resources I will be using

Don't forget to stop by Fabulous 4th grade Froggies to find out what is on everyone else's list.
Just click on the picture below.

AND now for the winners of my Bloglovin' Giveaway
The winners have already been contacted via e-mail.  Congratulations ladies!

Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway and becoming a new follower of my blog or Facebook fan page.  I appreciate all of you!  I enjoy reading your sweet comments and all of your words of support and encouragement.  I truly enjoy creating materials for my classroom and sharing with all of you.  ( It's my creative outlet at the end of a busy or stressful day.)


Lorraine Vasquez said...

Thanks for linking up! I love that you made your own brag tags! Thats so smart!!!!!!
Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies 
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Kenya Stacey said...

I am curious why have you decided that you will not have a teacher's desk?

ThinkWonder Teach said...

UGH! I am scheduled to go back next week and have not even thought about a to do list.


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