Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vacation Vibes for Sunday June 9

I know that many of you have just started your summer vacation ,
and some of you just have a few more days left. 
 Enjoy this time!!!

I had  a chance this week to take a few more photos of a field trip that my family went on in our area.  I would LOVE for you to link up and share some photos of a family outing or vacation.  Just grab the linky button below, link back to this post, and link up at the bottom of the page.  You can link up all week.  A new Vacation Vibes will be posted each Sunday this summer.
This week I couldn't wait to share some photos of my Sweeties favorite spot... The St. Louis Zoo and some photos of Forest Park.

The St. Louis Zoo began in 1910 which was about 6 years after St. Louis hosted the World's Fair.
It's one of the few zoos in the country that have free admission into the park. It is home to almost 18,000 animals.

Here are just a few of our FAVORITE exhibits at the zoo.
1.  The Penguin and Puffin Coast

This is such a COOL exhibit.  It's great on a warm summer day at the zoo.  Often the penguins like to show off and will splash you as they swim and do their acrobatics under the water.

2. The Stingray Exhibit and sharks too!

This is such a FUN exhibit.  You have a chance to touch the stingrays and even the small sharks that are on display.  The stingrays love come up to your hand.  My 3 year old was even able to touch the fins of a shark.

3. The Sea Lion Sound

This is the newest exhibit at the zoo.  You can walk through a virtual underwater tunnel to view the sea lions.  The sea lions LOVE to show off.

And we just had to watch the sea lion show.

4. The Children's Zoo

5. AND a trip around the zoo on the Railroad
We always save this for last.  LIKE when everyone is hot and sweaty and complaining that they just can't walk anymore.

AND you can't visit the St. Louis Zoo without seeing some beautiful sights at Forest Park.  This is St. Louis' large city park which houses the Zoo, Art Museum, Science Center, and the Muny.  You can often find many people walking or jogging on the trails that weave their way through this park.  My favorite view is that of the fountains and pond which were built for the World's Fair in 1904.  
Often you can find paddle boats in this water.  We LOVE to go to the boathouse at Forest Park on a summer evening and rent a couple of paddle boats for our family.  My kiddos love to try and get us right under one of those water fountains.
This is a photo of the St. Louis Art Museum.
Take a look at this unusual tree we found by the Art Museum.  It's a sculpture of a tree.

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Comincioli said...

I LOVE the St. Louis zoo! As a kid, we went there every summer and it was one of my favorite things to do with my grandparents. Looks like you had a great time!!

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