Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Little Organization goes a long way and an organizational planner FREEBIE

I (heart) being organized.  I realize it may be an obsession of mine.
My first goal over summer break was to organize my TPT and blog information.
It was a mess Friends!  I had receipts in envelopes all over the house.  Chicken scratches about ideas for new teaching units and blog posts written in several different notebooks.  Talk about an organizational nightmare especially when it came time to do my taxes. Ugh!!!

So I vowed that I. HAD. TO. DO. SOMETHING.

Here's my new and improved organizational system for TPT and blogging.

Doesn't it look fabulous!  I LOVE all the colors!  Makes me want to "invent" something to write down just to be able to write in these new organizers.

The Life Planner is from Erin Condren.  I use this all the time to jot down information, notes, and important events.  I keep a calendar in my Iphone, but I also like to have things written down as well.

This little "baby" below is what I am most proud of:  " My TPT Financial and Product Planner"

I created a planner/organizer in which I could keep all of my needed information about TPT product ideas, blog posts, and tax and financial information.

Inside of this 3 ring binder is:

1. A 2013 Blog Planner from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  You can download this for free by clicking HERE.

2.  All the pages of "My TPT Financial and Product Planner".  You can download this for free by clicking HERE to download this from my TPT store.

Inside it includes:

Product Idea Pages
Each page includes a place to write the title for your project, activities to include in your project, graphics and fonts used, and a completion date.

" My TPT and Blogging Finances" Pages
I created a page for each month. Each page includes an area to write expenses and income  for that particular month.  Also included with this are labels to place on manila folders to create monthly pockets in which to place important receipts.  These folders can be 3 hole punched and placed in the binder as well.

The last thing I have included is " Important Tax Information" for the year.
If you are someone who pays quarterly taxes, there is a page to record this information and the date taxes were paid.
I intentionally kept the year off of this packet so that it could be reprinted each year and a new binder created.  I'm hoping this will keep me organized and all the information during tax season will be at my finger tips. 

If this looks like something that would help you with your product and blogging organization, please click on the photo below for this FREE download.  Enjoy!


Lisa Mattes said...

Thanks, Krista!!!

I have that EXACT SAME EC Life Planner and I love it!!! Had to get the matching clipboard (with a serious coupon code) and I adore it, too.

Thanks SO much for these freebies! I am wanting to get my bloggity-blog-brain more organized this summer!!!

Corrina Allen said...

Thank you!! Those are fantastic!

From Mrs. Allen's Teaching Files

Where the Wild Things Learn said...

I absolutely LOVE these and just downloaded both. Thank you so much for sharing! You're so organized, I love it :)


Corinna said...

This is really great Krista! I need to get my self organized and this looks perfect :)


Teresa Williams said...

What an awesome idea!! I love it and it is going to help me stay organized!! Thanks for the freebie!


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Casey Turner said...

This is awesome Krista! I need to get on the ball with keeping track of my TPT income and expenses!

Second Grade Math Maniac

Laura said...

Such a great idea, Krista! Can't wait to download this baby!! Thank you so much!
Peace, Love, and First Grade

Georgia Grown Kinders said...

As a newbie to selling on TPT, this is going to set me up for success. Thanks so very much for this and all you do for our kiddos!