Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Peek At My Week.. Visual Plans

Oh my goodness!  Can you believe your eyes?! 
I have posted 2 times in 2 days.  It's AH-Mazing Friends!

I was able to sneak in some blog time even while enjoying the beautiful weather we had on Saturday.
Bring on Spring!  My hubs was able to work in the yard.  AND it was a block party on our cul-de-sac for all the kids.   It looked like we were having a little league baseball game in our front yard.  I think every child within a block radius was at our house for this event.

It's my very first time linking up with the sweet DeeDee Wills from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for a "Peek at my Week".

Here are my visual plans for the link.  I was unable to create a link in the plans, so links to information on more of the units I will be using this week are located below the plans.  Simply click on the photos of them to find out more. 

I have to apologize... the only plans that I don't have a link to are found in my writing/language arts section.  It is my biography unit.  I had such grand hopes of having this unit all completed and posted onto TPT, BUT the beautiful warm weather got in the way.  :)   I hope to have this posted in the next couple of days.   This week my students will be researching a famous person of their choice.  They will be completing a research guide on this person and then using that information to complete a "Portrait of a Famous Person" lap book.  This is one of the items that will be included in the packet. 

Please don't forget to stop by and check out all of the visual plans for the week for some great ideas. Just click on the " A Peek At My Week" button above.

Have a fabulous week everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by!    Now to get back outside and enjoy this beautiful day and watch a St. Louis Cardinal game.  Go Cards!


Corinna said...

Your plans look great Krista! I had the same problem with my links, so I just left it in a powerpoint and uploaded it to Google Docs:) I have a project I want to finish, but I don't think it will get done this year!

Surfin' Through Second

Lori said...

Those question fans look really cool! Good job on the visual plans, :)

Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Your plans look great! I'm excited that you're using my Measurement Unit. That is one of my favorite units ever! Thanks for the shout out! Oh P.S. You know my love of lapbooks and foldables as well? I found out this week that the word foldable is copyrighted. I am so not happy about it!

Have a great week!

Julie Marciniak said...

Hi Krista!
Your visual plans look great!
I am loving the questioning fans that you have posted! Do they have those for first graders?
Have a great week!
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

forkin4th said...

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