Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowglobes and Snowball "Fights"

Hi Dear Friends!

I'm starting to get back into this school routine.  My kiddos were up bright and early this morning.  I made a big *MISTAKE* and scheduled my daughter's orthodontist appointment at 7:00 a.m. this morning.... ( i.e. the first day back with students... the first day for my own kiddos to go back to school)  Yikes!!

I wanted to share a few things we will be up to on our first couple of days back.   Since there is only a two day school week, I thought it would be fun to review these next couple of days  "snowman" style.

In Math :

1. Build a Snowman by Pitner's Potpourri
Click on the link below to download this from Google Docs.  The link will take you to Pitner's Potpourrri.
I changed the activity just a bit and used dice rather than the multiplication cards that were included. Students multiplied the 2 dice together.

2.  Sledding Into Story Problems by MsFultzs Corner
These are fabulous for review.  Simply click on the picture below to find out more.


1.  My students read the poem "SnowBall" by Jack Prelutsky
They discussed this poem with their elbow partners.  Students had to highlight rhyming words, nouns, and answer a few questions about the poem. 

Then I read to them a couple of  snowman books to compare and contrast.

* My intention was to read them "Snowman All Year" but my order from Amazon didn't come in time.  So.. I made a last minute change and my generous teacher friend let me borrow her copy of "The Snowman" by Carolyn and Mark Buehner.

I also read this book to my students before they made their snowman globes.

Here are a few of the snow globes my students created.  This idea was Pinterest inspired.  You can find out more about this activity from Mrs. Jump's Class.  Click HERE

Our Writing/Bulletin Board Activity that we will be doing comes from this unit:

Students will complete this job application for a snowman builder.  Then students will design their own snowman to go along with this application.
Students will  spend next week working on a persuasive essay that goes along with this project. We will spend one day brainstorming.

The next day students will complete their graphic organizer for this persuasive essay

We will then work the rest of the week during writer's workshop on writing our "sloppy copy" version of this essay.
AND for our reading stations:
I will also be incorporating the other activities from the "It's Snowing To The Core" Unit into our reading stations.
1. It's Snowing! Cause and Effect Matching Task Cards - includes a student work mat
2. Winter time Sequencing Activity Cards- includes a student work mat
3. Polar Plunge Summarizing Activity Cards- includes a student work mat
If you would like to find out more please click on the preview picture below.

AND for our math stations:
We will also be using a couple of the activities from  the "Winter Friends With The Core Math Centers and Activities"
 1. Penguin and Polar Ice Caps Multiplication Board Game
2. "I Spy" Polar Bears 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction- includes word problems

To find out more about this Winter Math Unit that is aligned to the Common Core click on the preview below.

AND no "Snowy Days Activities" are complete without a good ole' snowball fight.
We completed a character education activity in which each student was paired with another student in the classroom.  Each student had to take out two pieces of notebook paper, and write down two compliments or words of praise on each piece of paper about the other student.  Students then crumpled up their piece of paper into a ball.   After giving specific instructions about throwing these "snowballs" and classroom behavior expectations, students threw their snowballs at their partner  and the partner uncrumpled the "snowball" and read their praise note.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I appreciate all of your comments.  I would love to hear about  your snowy day activities.


Mrs. J said...

I enjoyed all of your ideas. I've done a snowball fight activity with my students before where they had to match up ELA terms and definitions, but I really like the character Ed building portion if yours.

Have a wonderful 2013!
Surviving Sixth Grade

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