Sunday, January 27, 2013

President's Day Resources

Okay, I know it's about a month before President's Day but a teacher has to be prepared, right?!
I admit I have this TeRrIbLe OCD compulsion.  I LOVE to be organized.  I stress out if I am not.
Just ask my husband.
Our weeks are so busy shuttling our kiddos to practices, homework, meetings, and oh yeah, my new workout regiment.  
So I spent a few hours researching some ideas for President's Day.  Take a peek at all of these ideas.

1.  Picture Books to use with President's Day

2.  Craftivities
This is a free download from my TPT store.  Just click on the picture above to be taken to the free download.

Take a peek at these ADORABLE Presidential Portraits.  This inspiration comes from Patties Classroom.  Just click on the picture below to check out Pattie's post.

3. President's Day videos

This is a cute song about Washington and Lincoln found on YouTube.  Just click on the picture above to be taken to this link.
This is a YouTube video about the first five Presidents.  Click on the picture above to be taken to this link.

George Washington video on BrainPop.  Click on the picture above to be taken to this link.
Abraham Lincoln video on BrainPop.  Click on the picture below to be taken to this link.

4.  President's Day Lapbook for Bigger Kids
I absolutely adore Lapbooks.  They work so well with the Common Core Standards.  I love to use them as a study guide for our social studies and science units.  I'm working on one for the American Revolution right now.   I just had to create one for President's Day.  I can't wait to use this with my students.

You can find this "President's Day Patriotic Lapbook for Bigger Kids" in my TPT store by clicking HERE or on any of the photos above.

5.  Free resources from TPT
Take a peek at several fabulous and free resources from TPT.  Simply click on each picture to be taken to the free download.

President's Day Printables by Michelle Tomaszewski

President's Day Art Swap by K. Ratliff

President's Day ABC Order by the CrAzY Schoolteacher

I hope these are some helpful ideas for President's Day.   Have a blessed week friends!  It's mid-term this week for my school district so I have papers I need to get to work grading.  I can't believe we are already halfway through third quarter.  This school year is flying by!

And since I LOVE to give away my newest units, the first 3 to comment about an activity they use for President's Day in the classroom will receive my newest unit " President's Day Patriotic Lapbook for Bigger Kids" for free.


e Reyes said...

Oooh! I LOVE these! We usually do crafts using tp rolls and make George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. So fun, and cheap and easy!
Reyesremarkablerants at gmail dot com

Courtney Petzold said...

Very neat :) Last year we made Declaration of Independence Parchment and the kids practiced their paraphrasing skills by paraphrasing a section of the Declaration of Independence into their own words

Thanks for sharing your ideas!


Anonymous said...

I would love your unit!

Collaboration Cuties said...

I LOVE When Washington Crossed the Delaware! Your OCD helps me out immensely!! Thank you!!


Jordon, The Messy One said...

Thanks for all of your great ideas!