Monday, December 17, 2012

Not a normal Monday......

This morning was difficult wasn't it?
As a teacher it was difficult to come to school this morning.
I wondered how were my students going to feel.
What questions would they ask?
AND would I be able to answer them.

As a parent, it was difficult to see some anxious feelings in my children.
My first grader knew about the tragedy because my husband and I felt it best to tell him.  I didn't want him to hear it from others today for the first time.
 Was this the right thing?  I don't know.
I do know he seemed okay until this morning.
He put on a brave face  and went to school.
My heart ached for them!

So much innocence lost!

 The bell rang.. AND I was as nervous as I am the first day of every school year.
My students greeted me at the door with half smiles, and I gave them big hugs.
I was so happy to see each of them.
I had a couple of students that were visibly upset.  It seemed at first as if that "big white elephant" was in the room.
Our day began moving along and my students seemed to relax.
Those smiles too became a little bit easier for my students.  

So what did we do today?

My students listened and sang along with  Christmas music, worked on a project for their parents, and enjoyed listening to the story Polar Express and activities to go with it.

They were 3rd graders enjoying holiday activities and projects in the classroom that last full week before our holiday break.

My heart aches for Sandy Hook Elementary School and the families that have lost such precious loved ones.  Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers!  

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