Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gingerbread on my mind ... Flash Sale

Hi sweet friends!
Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!
Yesterday was our last day of school before the holiday, and
at the end of the day I was busily preparing for when my kiddos come back from the break.
I LOVE incorporating the holiday themes into our classroom activities.
When incorporating the holiday themes, I try to keep in mind that not all of my students
celebrate the holidays for various reasons.  So I try to stick to themes that all of my students can participate in.

So... I've been working on gingerbread themed activities for December.  Take a peek at all of the resources I have found so far:

 Even 3rd graders enjoy reading these pictures books around the holidays.  These will be placed in our themed basket in our classroom library.  I can use them for short read alouds and make comparisons between the stories, character traits, and elements of folk tales.

I found these cute ideas on Pinterest.  I will modify some of them a bit to fit my group of 3rd graders.

This is from Babbling Abby.  Click on the pictures to be taken to the links.

AND I am LOVING this idea!   Every year our 3rd grade classes make gingerbread houses using milk cartons, graham crackers, icing, and different candies.  We always save this activity for that last crazy week before Christmas.    BUT the activity below might alleviate some of that frustration of falling and sliding graham crackers and broken houses.

Finally, my last Pinterest inspired gingerbread idea.... I thought this would make a cute decoration in our classroom.

AND with all of those Gingerbread Man ideas, I had to create a unit I could use with my students that includes literacy and writing for my age group of students ( those bigger kids).  I also wanted to make sure that the activities included in this unit were aligned to the Common Core.

This unit covers a total of 10 literacy and writing standards for the Common Core.  Also included are 2 informational text activities on Main Idea and Sequencing.

Click on the pictures above to find out more about this at my TPT store.

I couldn't leave out math activities to use with our math workshop rotation centers. I created a "December to the Core" Math Workshop Activities and Stations.  Included are 7 different activities that can be used in whole group or with math stations.  Each game or activity has the Common Core standard it correlates with in the upper left hand corner.  10 different standards are covered in this unit.

Click on the any picture above to find out more about this product in my TPT store.

AND now after you have finally read through this incredibly long post, I am having a FLASH SALE on both of these items in my TPT store until 8 am Thanksgiving day.  Each of these products is normally $6.00, but each product will be listed for $4.00 during the flash sale.

Enjoy your long holiday weekend friends! Enjoy this time with your family and friends.   Please check back this weekend!  I'm going to be hosting a Holiday Giveaway that will begin Saturday. I can't wait!  I have some amazing ladies helping out with this giveaway!

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Elizabeth said...

You sure have been busy! I love everything you have made and found!