Monday, September 10, 2012

Fill up that bucket!

I know many of you have posted about the
"Bucket Filler "activities that you do in your classroom.
Last spring  I posted about my "Bucket Filler" bulletin board.  I really liked
the "Bucket Filler" idea, and my students loved it as well.
I just wasn't loving my bulletin board for this.

SO now that I have absolutely no room for anymore bulletin board
ideas, here is what I came up with:
I purchased a plastic shoe organizer from Wal-mart.  I think it was about $5.00.  Then I created "Bucket Fillers" to go in each organizer with my student's name on it.  
Isn't the bucket so cute?!  It's a graphic from the 3am Teacher.
You can download this "bucket filler" from Google docs by clicking on the picture below. The file is a Power Point file.  You can edit it with your student's names by creating a text box on the document.
I also created these from Vistaprint for my students to fill out and place in the "buckets".
I ordered these a few weeks ago for FREE plus the shipping.  VistaPrint was offering a special of 250 business cards for free.  If these work well, I will be ordering more.
Last year, I created "bucket filler" slips for our bulletin board, and my students went through them so quickly.   We have "Fun Friday" for about 20 minutes for those students who have great behavior throughout the week.  This will be an opportunity for students to take a look in their "buckets" and check out their notes from others.

AND if you haven't read this book yet to your class, it is definitely one to check out:

Have a fabulous week!!!
I'll leave you with this little number below.


Molly said...


Love the cute bucket filler doc!! Smart idea to use to label each bucket! :)

Lessons with Laughter

Corinna said...

I love your little bucket filler labels, so cute! I had a hard time finding space for mine too! My kids love bucket fillers, so glad I started doing it this year:)

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