Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teacher Binder

Hi everyone!
Today I wanted to share with you my teacher binder.
Yep!!! It's finally finished AND I can't wait to use it.
I have seen these all over the place in bloggy land last spring and I knew I HAD to have one.  
I didn't have time to make one until this sumer and it's FINALLY completed.
Don't you just love the yellow and black polka dots?  There are so many fabulous binder resources out there, but this matched my classroom.  It's from Amy at the Resourseful Room. Click on the picture below to download this from her blog post.  It's FREE and look at all that it comes with...

Oh, and I just noticed this morning that Christie at Teaching in Flip Flops posted about some amazing freebies she has in her store, and these adorable binder resources are free.  Simply click on the picture below to be taken to her post.
Filling my clear binder with these fabulous printed items was easy.... then I kind of begged, borrowed, and created the other items to fill my binder.
I have a place for meeting notes at the very back of my binder.  Isn't the form above so cute?!  It was one of the freebies the Clutter Free Classroom has been posting to the TPT store lately.  I have found so many fabulous resources from them including a parent communication form.
I filled the standards area of my binder with the "I CAN" common core statements I received at a workshop I went to in January.  I like these much better ,and they are a little more in depth.

Next I created some of my own items to fill my binder with.  I used the polka dot theme.  You are welcome to download them from Google Docs by clicking on the pictures below.

This is my goal sheet for the year in each subject.  I use this to sketch out what I would like to cover in each subject area during the school year.  I created one for each subject area.
Next I created a weekly station schedule to help me sketch out my plans for the stations and any materials I might need. This year I am going to try and implement the Daily 5 and math workshop. If you would like a copy, just click on the picture above to download from Google Docs.
These are my lesson plan forms.  I typed  my schedule into my lesson plans along with a place to write the Common Core standard covered with each subject. I provided  blank forms for you to write in as you wish.  I copy these front to back so that when they are placed in my binder I can look across and see the plans for the entire day.  Just click on either picture above to download from Google docs.
In the student information area, I am including a copy of the form above. This form is part of my parent communication packet I have on TN.  It's free.  Click on the picture above to be taken to my store to download this packet.  I will have the form above on a clipboard at a station at Back to School Night in which parents will need to provide their e-mail.  Our school has drastically reduced their paper budget this school year, so I'm going to send most parent communication via e-mail this year.  This will include my weekly newsletters.  The teachers of my oldest two children did this last year, and  I LOVED it.  I felt so informed.  For those parents who might not have e-mail, I will continue to send home paper copies of communication.  I also keep a copy of the student list I receive from the office which has each student's phone number, address, and any medical issues I might need to be aware of.  ( We are also required to make another copy of this list that is small enough to fit into our teacher badge that we are required to wear.  If there was ever an emergency, we would have a list of important information about our students with us.)

Other items that I have left to fill in my binder with will have to wait until the school year begins.  I will put the IEP information about some of my kiddos that I receive from the special education teacher in that area, and information about RTI and data will be placed in that "Data" area.

I now have an organized place to keep all of my important information rather than in separate folders located in a bin on my desk.  I can simply take this binder with me to meetings and 3rd grade collaboration and have all I need together in one place.


Miss Nelson said...

LOVE LOVE your binder. I have it downloaded but need more ink.

Janis Leach said...

Your binder is awesome! Doesn't organization feel great?!? :)

Grade Three is the Place for Me!

Amy - The Resource(ful) Room said...

Love how it turned out!! Thanks for linking back to me and so glad you could use the binder set!!
The Resource(ful) Room

Cyndi Lacy said...

Great Binder! I love being organized!

Lacy's Letters

Sara said...

I absolutely love your binder! Organization is my niche! :)

Miss V's Busy Bees
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