Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Storia app for IPAD

As I was perusing Scholastic for some new books for my updated classroom library, I happened to see information about a new app for the IPAD called Storia.  You can find more information about this app by clicking on the picture below.
This free app is  new from Scholastic.  It is made especially for children and includes audio.  There are also additional puzzles and other extras that can be used while students are reading a book.  You can even use your bonus points to download these books onto your IPAD. 5 free books come with this download.

This looks fabulous.  I love the fact that this includes audio.  ( I am in need of more books with audio to use with a component of the Daily 5.  I could utilize our classroom IPAD using Storia for this component.) This app can also be downloaded onto your classroom computer.  If you have a Promethean board or projector, these books can be shown to the entire class.

If you already use Storia, I would love to hear how you utilize it in your classroom.

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Erin Franklin said...

I just saw Storia when I logged onto Scholastic the other day. I haven't downloaded it yet, but I probably will before school starts. I just recently blogged about using iPads for Daily 5 Listening. I hope you can check it out!
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