Friday, April 27, 2012

Random.., Freebie, and Giveaways

Happy Friday!!!  Whew!  What a week at school!  My kiddos have a terrible case of  "summer-itis".  A day in the classroom went something like this... " Countdown 5,4,3,2,1."  All their sweet eyes are on me ready to begin the next unit or activity.  "Adverbs are words that describe verbs.  Let's go over some examples and practice on our Promethean board. " So.. we spend most of the class going over examples and using the Promethean board.  I'm feeling good.  They've got it!!  Then, time to begin the independent activity.  I go over the directions and then begin to walk around the room.  Hands begin to go up..  "Mrs. Mehrtens, What is an adverb?"  Do I need to find the adjective?"     ARGH!!

Here are a few things we have been up to this week.

Gallon Guys and Gals-  Last week we talked about measurement.  This week we worked on capacity.  I used several activities from this fabulous Measurement Problem Based Unit created by Amber from Adventure's of a Third Grade Teacher.  This unit included the Gallon Guy activity. My students had so much fun with this. Take a peek!

We have also been working in our Westward Migration unit.  This week the boys and girls had to create and design their wagons.  These wagons are hung around the classroom to create a wagon train. Each table created a wagon for our "trip" to Oregon. Students could pick a theme for their wagon when designing it.  Students also had to work together to create a list of items that were needed to help them survive their trip west.  Here's a peek at a couple of the wagons.

Even as the year is winding down which makes me a bit teary eyed ( I have such a great bunch of students), I have been looking ahead to the next school year.  I've been looking through my files and materials and determining what can be used with the Common Core standards and items that can be purged.  One of the things I found I was lacking  was figurative language resources and activities.  So I've been working on a figurative language packet complete with classroom posters, activities, and picture book resources to use in my classroom. I hope to have it posted Sunday evening on TPT and TN, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek.  You can download my figurative language classroom posters here for free.  The posters include:  idioms, metaphors, similes, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, and hyperbole.  Click on the picture below to download the figurative language posters FREEBIE. Let me know what you think!

Check out this fabulous "Super Size Me" giveaway from Michelle at the 3AMTeacher.
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