Tuesday, April 10, 2012

THE Notebook and a Pirate themed FREEBIE

Does anyone have "The Notebook" and a marble jar in their classroom?   These are some of the  components to my classroom management plan....   I can remember back  many years ago while student teaching, that I could easily create daily lesson plans and activities but classroom management... that was a work in progress.   So  fast forward fifteen years later and my classroom management has evolved into a well oiled machine. ... ( except for a couple of years ago when I had a class that continues to have a "reputation" even in 5th grade.. and I had to do some major tweaking to my classroom management).

With this last quarter upon us, I was inspired to do a post on classroom management.  If you're kiddos are like mine, I'm using every trick in the book to keep them motivated and focused to complete the school year on a positive note.  They are so ready for summer!

Here are just a few strategies I use in my classroom.  I chose them because they work well with my personality and style of teaching. I approach my classroom management being firm, patient, and POSITIVE.
Number 1: I give lots of praise and encouragement.  We have a treasure box in our classroom.  Students put praise notes they receive from other faculty or myself.  At the end of the week, I draw 3 names out of the treasure box to receive a special prize.  I love " catching" my students doing what is expected of them so that I can praise them.  This brings a smile to their face.  We all love to be praised and complimented. It also seems to inspire those who may not have been following directions to do the "right thing".

Number 2:  "The Notebook".  This is where students who might have disregarded a classroom rule, must sign their name.  The Notebook has the date written on the top.  This notebook serves two purposes.  It's a great way for me to keep data about something that might have happened, and many students almost "tear" up at the thought of signing the notebook.  Expectations have been clearly established and worked on at the beginning of the year.  Students know that if their name appears in the notebook more than 3 times in one day that I will be contacting their parent to talk with them.  Students also know that this limits their time for "FUN FRIDAY".  Every Friday for approximately 20 minutes, students get "Fun Friday".  Those students whose name does not appear in the book more than 3 times get their full 20 minutes of fun.. For those whose name might appear in it more frequently, time is reduced or no Fun Friday time at all.  I try to plan "FUN" activities during this time so that all students are motivated to do their best throughout the week. 

Number 3:  Routine and Clear Expectations   I set clear expectations of our classroom routine on the first day of school.  We spend the first month continually going over those expectations.  We also have a daily routine that I  follow.  This way my students know when each subject is, when snack time is, and etc.  It especially helps those students who need a routine to help them feel comfortable at school.

Number 4:  Smooth transitions.. I find what takes the most of my classroom time if I allow  are transitions.  I establish clear transitions for my students especially during work stations and group activities.  I often use "Give me 5" with my kiddos.  Here is a pic that is displayed in my classroom:

Number 5:  Miscellaneous items ... I also have a marble jar in my classroom.  The class earns a marble each time they get a compliment in the hallway from another faculty member of the principal, being respectful and quiet if another teacher comes into the classroom to ask a question, and in general for working hard and not disrupting others.  Once this marble jar is filled, the class votes to see what kind of party they would like to have.  Often they vote for a pizza or pajama party.  .... I also have used things such as the students must spell out the word 'Popsicle" for their good behavior, and the whole class earns popsicles to eat outside on the picnic tables.  I save these for the last few weeks of school.

Here is a pic of some items from my classroom management unit.  Included in this pirate themed unit is "The Notebook", Pirate praise notes,  Student checklists that I often attach to their planners at the beginning of the year, and our classroom rules that I send home with each parent at the beginning of the school year.   You can grab this for FREE HERE from my TPT store.
 Have a fabulous Tuesday.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please feel free to share some of your classroom management ideas.  I would love to hear about them!


Mrs. Richling said...

This is great! I have a pirate themed classroom & can't wait to use these. Thanks for sharing!


Patricia said...

Hi Krista! Thanks for visiting and following my blog- that's how I found yours! Now, I'm a new follower of your blog too :)

Love your adorable blog design!
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