Monday, April 23, 2012

Adjective Art and More...

I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday back to work.  I wanted to share some of our "Adjective Art" with you today.  My students have been working on adjectives lately.  Today my students worked with adjectives while creating their very own art gallery in the classroom.  I had no idea they were so talented... take a peek at my little Picasso's.

My students turned  this into "Adjective Art".
1.  I first showed pictures of abstract paintings on our classroom Promethean board.  They were so fascinated by some of the paintings.  ( A great lesson in itself).

2. Then I played classical music  while my students had 20 minutes to create a piece of abstract art on their 8 1/2 x11 white sheet of paper.  When finished, students were to adhere these to a piece of black construction paper.

3.  Next,  the pieces of art were hung on our white board and other places around the room to create an  art gallery.  Some students shared their experiences with the class about visiting the art gallery.  We talked about how the paintings and art were displayed and about the atmosphere of the art gallery. ( Another great teachable moment)   Students were equipped with sticky notes. Their job was to walk around the art gallery and think of one adjective to describe each painting ( due to limited time.. students could pick 10 pieces of art to comment on).  Students were to write this adjective on the sticky note and place it below the painting.

4. Finally, when finished, we discussed the adjectives and ( threw out the words that were not adjectives).   Then we used these adjectives to create an adjective poem.

Take a peek.  We used "Art" as the title of our poem.  We weren't able to use all of the adjectives from the activity, but students chose a few.  Here is their poem....... ( my 3rd graders created it on their own.)

Here's our adjective anchor chart.

I found this adjective art activity from a post on ProTeacher.  I was looking for an adjective activity to do with my students and had googled "adjectives".  I found this idea and modified it  a bit.  This activity was filled with so many teachable moments about art and culture.  The students loved this.  It was a great experience.  From start to finish this activity took about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

On to other things...... I'm doing the happy dance.  Thank you so much!  I am at 200 followers and can't wait to have a Giveaway!    Stay tuned........ I'm going to try and have it ready to post tomorrow.

I keep forgetting to mention this but again THANK YOU!!!.  As many of you know or have purchased my Superhero writing from TPT,  all proceeds are being donated  to the American Cancer Society in honor of my Mom.  I want to give a report each quarter to let you know much money you have all  raised..... ( so far at the end of March 30.. I have sold 15 units which means in just a short time $37.50 has already been raised for the American Cancer Society.)  Woohoo!! Every little bit helps... Thank you so much!   You are fabulous!!

Have a great evening! I would love to hear about your favorite activity to teach adjectives or any helpful websites you have found to use with your kiddos.  


Krista Carlson said...

I love the adjective art activity! How fun! Must try this for next year!

Congrats on the money raised so far for the ACS- such as great cause!

The Second Grade Superkids

Lori Rosenberg said...

Great adjective activity! One of my favorites is when the children draw a large portrait of themselves and then label their features (brown hair, blue shoes, etc.) and they also write some words to describe themselves. I have all of these on labels that they fill out, cut, and glue onto their portrait. Let me know if you want the labels.
Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Jen said...

This activity is unbelievable! What incredible, meaningful learning!

Jen's Kinder Kids
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lorajoelle said...

These art projects are fantastic! What a great idea.


Harry142 said...

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