Thursday, February 16, 2012

President's Day IPAD apps

I posted a couple of weeks ago how much my students are enjoying the IPAD in the classroom.  We have just begun a short unit on "Presidents" to go along with our upcoming President's Day.  I wanted to share with you some apps I found for the IPAD about Presidents.  I can't wait to share a few with my students today on the IPAD.  To find them on your IPAD simply go to the app store and type in the title:  
 1.  Presidents-  information and pictures of all Presidents$0.99
 2. U.S. Presidents Match-em Up  - This looked very kid friendly for younger children $0.99  *****  I'm sharing this one with my students today.
3. Kids Fingerpainting President's Day  $0.99
4. Washington D.C. Walking Tour of President Park - I think this was a free download.
I found all of these resources on this page:

Happy Thursday!
I  LOVE comments!  Please feel free to share how you are using your IPAD in the classroom or any recommendations of great apps you have found.

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